FSX sound enabled when in background.

Flight1 SoundStream Released
Flight1 Software announces the release of Flight1 SoundStream.  This ingenious tool keeps the Flight Simulator sound enabled even when FSX is running in the background. It lets you use add-on programs developed for Flight Simulator (such as moving maps) without interrupting the in-flight sound experience. Or you can read and answer an email or surf the web during a long flight – all this without your ears leaving the cockpit.

No more missed ATC calls and any warning sounds, and of course you will hear that the engines are still running!  Flight1 SoundStream runs as a module inside Flight Simulator and can be configured using the Add-Ons menu during the flight. You can enable and disable SoundStream at any time. And optionally, you can set a reduced sound volume to be used when FS is running in the background.  Get Flight1 SoundStream now, and enjoy a more complete sound experience with FSX and Prepar3D!  For more information on this product and a video demonstration, visit this site.

Source: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=soundstream

Switching to another window looses FSX sound.

If you are experiencing problems  as above and you might have a Creative Sound card, have a look at e.g. here
Have a close look if your sound card is in the overview. Check which sound device you are using in Device manager.
Renewal of the drivers of the brand involved, may help you to overcome that when you click outside FSX on another window, that the FSX sound is killed.
For on board sound there is no solution other than inserting  a sound card or… A “sound” solution can be found HERE

Voor de Creative soundcards gebruikers.

Jullie kennen wellicht het vervelend verschijnsel dat, wanneer je buiten het window van FSX klikt, het geluid wegvalt. Welnu: van tijd tot tijd controleer ik voor updates van zowel mijn video- als mijn soundcards. Bij het zoeken van de driver voor mijn Creatieve soundcard kwam ik “Creative ALchemy”. Zoals je hieronder kunt lezen herstelt deze toepassing een aantal 3D effecten voor diverse games. Na installeren van de toepassing, die geschikt is voor mijn soundcard, merkt ik dat bovengenoemde effect van wegvallen van geluid nu hersteld is. Waar ik nu ook klik, het geluid van FSX blijft doorgaan. Kijk wel even goed welke soundcard je hebt! Zie onderstaand lijstje op de volgende website.
Bron: Piejo

Recognizing USB Headset.

  • If FSX is running and you plug in a USB headset, the headset is not detected for voice communication use, until you restart the program.
  • If you want to disable the interface sounds, uncheck the box Play user-interface sounds. The sound files are stored in this location:
    • C:\STEAM\steamapps\common\FSX\sound\UIMusic
  • Type of file: WAVE Audio File (.wav)
  • You may want to add your own music to this folder and select it later on in the drop down menu Music: