Flight simulator will now close

‘This graphics card does not meet requirements for the shader support. This product requires geForce3/Radeon 8500 class or better graphics card. Flight simulator will now close ‘

Did you ever had this message?

Right click your desktop | Properties and look if you have more displays then physical connected.
Did you have an iPad connected before? More displays connected before?

Performance Test with BlackBox

Now we getting somewhere!.  I hope you followed the Checklist , so it’s time the run a Hardware test. What we gonna do is testing the Processor, Memory, Graphics, System and make a Benchmark of the results.

Here we go. First pick up a nice piece of software HERE and select the 32 bits or 64 bits version. Install the software and GO!

This is what is looks like; BTW, I over-clocked my i7-920 from 2.6 to 4.0