Change Installation Path

Some software programs does not give the option to install in another location than the root of FSX. To overcome this you may want to change the ‘forced’ installation path to the root of P3D. Since most programs refer to the registry value of fsx.exe, you must ‘fool’ the registry by changing the path in order to force the software to install in another directory.

  1. First to define the current FSX installation path, download this file
  2. Run the FS_Registry_Repair tool
  3. Select the Repair FSX Registry Path
  4. Browse in the screen that opens now to the fsx.exe that resides in the root of your FSX installation folder
  5. Click Open and the message appears that the setup path is successfully chosen.
  6. Make a note of this registry path. Hereafter we will discus the “shortway” and the “long way”, so that you know what’s happening.
  7. The short way: make a copy of fsx.ex and place this in the root of your P3D installation path.
  8. Run the FS_Registry_Repair tool
    Select the Repair FSX Registry Path
    Browse in the screen that opens now to the fsx.exe that resides in the root of your P3D installation folder: done
  9. The “long way”: Changing the Installation path:
  10. Type ‘regedit’ without quotes in the Windows Start field and ENTER
  11. Search in the (W7-64)  registry at Computer-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE-Wow64-32Node-LockheedMartin-Prepa3D and find the [ab] SetupPath
  12. Make a note of the Value Data
  13. Now search in the registry for the location as in step 5
  14. Double click the [ab]SetupPath
  15. Fill the Value data: with the contents of step 9 which will get the SetupPath of P3D
  16. Close with OK and close the registry with X or ALT+F4
  17. Place a copy of fsx.exe in the root of your P3D installation folder/disk
  18. Install the software.
  19. After installation in P3D you must reset the fsx.exe path as from step 2 ./. 5 otherwise you can no longer use it for FSX
  20. Updating procedure of the installed software is equal to above.
  21. The “easy way”: Some times you only need to place fsx.exe in the root of P3D, so try this first BEFORE you gonna hack your registry.
  22. In all cases: check the EULA of the product

All exercises in your registry file are for your own responsibility.


REX Grass II

On the website of REX you will find some free downloads including a bitmap for the grass structure of FSX.
The original bitmap detail1.bmp is with us in the folder C:/FSX/ Scenery/World/Texture
Replace it with the download. Before you install a Read Me.rtf in the zip is present.