2020-10-28 An update has been released, with build date 28/10/2020. This contains the following changes:
  – changes in detection of in-menu/dialog flag at offset 0x3365
  – additional logging added for AutoSave
  – New (undocumented) controls added:
         Avionics Master 1 Set
         Avionics Master 2 Set
    (Note however, at least in the C172, these seem to function in a reverse manner to other set commands, with a parameter of 1 turning the avionics off, and 0 turning them on. YMMV)
  – various unused ini parameters removed, as well as some non-functioning FSUIPC-added controls
  – initial update of documents for FSUIPC7
  – minor updates to WideFS integration
  – beta license extended until 08/11/2020.
I now hope to have FSUIPC7 for sale by (or before) this date.

John Dowson


2020-10-15 An update has been released, with build date 15/10/2020. This contains a few minor logging updates, together with additional thread synchronisation/protection. Integration with the WebSocket server (provided by Paulk Henty) is also included, although this is only active when this utility is installed in the correct location.

An initial version of the FSUIPC7 installer is also now ready, which also includes installation  of the WebSocket server. This also installs the FSUIPC documentation, although most if this still needs to be revised/updated for FSUIPC7. I am currently doing this and will update the documentation as an when ready.

The FSUIPC7 installer can be downloaded from the following links:



De Updates kunt u lezen op het forum van FSUIPC7 Simflight Forum.
Ga daarvoor naar de LINK pagina op deze website. Kijk op de FSE-Shared-Public-Drive voor de meest recente bestanden.

2020-10-06-An update has been released, with build date 06/10/2020. This contains a fix to an issue that prevented the MSFS settings being saved while FSUIPC7 is running.


Download the latest version from HERE. An update has been released, with build date 05/10/2020. This contains the following changes:
    – default value of [Buttons] section ini parameter KeyboardFocus set to True/Yes. This is to allow keypresses assigned to buttons/switches to go to the FS by default.
    – improvements to detecting pause and in-menu state in offsets 0x0264 and 0x3365
   – new ini parameter in [General] section AxisScanOnSimConnectOpen : set to Yes to perform an additional axis scan when a simconnect connection is opened.      This may help if your axis aren’t initially recognised.


Download the latest version from HERE

2020-09-30 An update has been released, with build date 30/09/2020. This contains the following changes:
    – recompiled and linked against SimConnect SDK
    – Added control Throttle Reverse Thrust Toggle and corresponding offset 0x0B4A to hold state
    – allow button number wild card ‘*’  for IgnoreThese ini parameter in [Buttons] section.
   – allow POV buttons 32-39 to also be “ignored” during assignment.

2020-10-01-The previous update included the wrong build of FSUIPC7 (with build date of 28/09/2020 instead of 30/09/2020). This has now been corrected. FSUIPC7 Properties show Date modified 1-10-2020 10:32