28 Dangerous approaches Kaitak

This week we will fly Kaitak. One of the dangerous approaches you can make! It s a short flight, but a lot of navigation to do.
The flight starts in Sek Kong (Hong Kong SAR) VHSK and will end hopefully on the runway of Hong Kong Intl (old) Hong Kong SAR – VHHX
The distance is 44 Nm  and the EFT is 23 minutes. You will fly a DA42 and you will use the autopilot  (AP) and glass cockpit navigation.

You will be placed on the RWY11. Your cruise speed is 120 ktas. Prepare your instruments. Set your NAV1 radio to Tung Lung TH 115.50
Open the AP in undocked view and set ALT to 3000 ft

After take off fly HDG 090 to get over the mountains. Climb to 3000 ft.
When you are above the sea, intercept R156 TH 115.50 and fly direct to TH; set HDG156
Set NAV1 standby to CH 112.30
When you look over your right shoulder, you see already Kaitak, the old Hong Kong AirportFSc_2016-07-09_16-30-31
Intercept R266 CH 112.30 and fly direct to CH HDG 266
Set NAV1 to SMT 114.80 and intercept R335   SMT 114.80;

Fly HDG 045; Descent to 1700 ft

Land  a visual approach @ Kaitak

Good luck!


27 Antilles Island Hopping

FSc_2016-06-28_14-09-04.pngHello Captains,

this and also coming holiday weeks we suggest to exercise multiple circuits and landings on Antilles Islands.

For a start you are placed on runway 10 of Point Salines Intl in a Piper PA-18.

You will fly at max 3000 ft. Every landing has a left circuit. At arrival, first fly over the airport reaching @1500 ft, then fly crosswind, downwind, base and final.

Total distance: 469 Nm

EFT: 4:10

As usual you can download the flight pack from our OneDrive.

Have fun!

Island: St. Georges, Grenada | Airport: Point Salines Intl | ICAO: TGPY
Radial distance:
Runway: 10 | Beacons: GND 117.10 | GND 362.0
To WP1
Island: Grenadines | Airport: Lauriston Airport | ICAO: TGPZ
Radial distance: GND R047 D33
Runway: 09 | Beacons: none
To WP2
Island:Grenadines | Airport: Union I. Intl | ICAO: TVSU
Radial distance: GND R046 D42
Runway: 08 | Beacons: none
To WP3
Island: St. Vincent | Airport: Canouan Airport | ICAO: TVSC
Radial distance:
Runway: 13 | Beacons: CA 111.40 | CAI 302.0
To WP4
Island: Grenadines | Airport: Mustique | ICAO: TVSM
Radial distance: GND R048 D63
Runway: 09 | Beacons: none
FSc_2016-06-28_14-20-51.pngTo WP5
Island: Grenadines | Airport: J.F. Mitchel Airport | ICAO: TVSB
Radial distance: GND R048 D63
Runway: 12 | Beacons: none
To WP6
Island: St. Lucia | Airport: E.T. Joshua Airport | ICAO: TVSV
Radial distance:
Runway: 07 | Beacons: SV 108.40 | SV 403.0
To WP7
Island: St Piere | Airport: Hewanorra Intl | ICAO: TLPL
Radial distance:
Runway: 10 | Beacons: BNE 112.40 | BNE 305.0

To WP8
Island: Martinique | Airport: La Lametin | ICAO: TFFF
Radial distance:
Runway: 09 | Beacons: POF 113.30 | POF 329.0
To WP9
Island: Dominique | Airport: Melville Hall | ICAO: TDPD
Radial distance:
Runway: 09 | Beacons: DOM 116.40 | DOM 273.0
To WP10
Island: xx | Airport: Le Saint | ICAO: TFFS
Radial distance: PPR R200 D25
Runway: 09 | Beacons: none
To WP11
Island: Guadeloupe Point a Pitre | Airport: Le Raizet | ICAO: TFFR
Radial distance:
Runway: 11 | Beacons: PPR 112.90 | FXG 300.0
FSc_2016-06-28_14-20-19.pngTo WP12
Island: Antgua | Airport: TAPA V C Bird Intl | ICAO: TAPA
Radial distance:
Runway: 07 | Beacons: ANU 114.50 | ANU 351.0
To WP13
Island: St. Christopher | Airport: Bradshaw Intl | ICAO: TKPK
Radial distance:
Runway: 07 | Beacons: SKB 112.00 | SKB 325.0
To WP14
Island: St. Eustatius | Airport: F.D. Roosevelt | ICAO: TNCE
Radial distance:
Runway: 06 | Beacons: PJE 235.00
To WP15
Island: Saba | Airport: Juancho Yransquin | ICAO: SABA
Radial distance: PJM R208 D25
Runway: 12 | Beacons: none
To WP16
Island: St. Barthelemy | Airport: St. Barthelemy | ICAO: TFFJ
Radial distance: PJM R133 D18
Runway: none | Beacons: none
Island: St. Maarten | Airport: Princess Juiana Intl | ICAO: TNCM
Radial distance:
Runway: 10 | Beacons: PJM 113.00 | PJM 308.0