If you set affinity mask to another value e.g. 84 (that is, you set a bit representing a processor to 2-4-6), those processors are selected for thread assignment.
When you set affinity mask to 0 (the default), the 64-bit versions of Windows, scheduling algorithms set the thread’s affinity.
When you set affinity mask to any nonzero value, affinity interprets the value as a bit mask that specifies those processors eligible for selection.
What happens when you set AffinityMask=84

Translated from decimal 84 to BINAIR this is 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0
The number of the processor is
7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Read from the right to the left

If you want to activate an ‘unused’ processor, you could use affinity mask value.
The standard FSc value of AffinityMask=-1 meaning that all processors are activated for thread assignment.

Which in conclusion give us the advise not to change the standard affinity mask value.



The standard values of the Scenery slider are is in the table above. Since FSc is equipped with ORBX Global AND the settings of sceneries are linked to the performance of your PC, you should follow this table below. Find out the specs of your PC and set the Scenery slider accordingly. All other suggested manual settings are not advised. Remember that all manual changes in [TERRAIN] will be overwritten when you move the Scenery slider. Therefore it’s pretty useless to make manual changes.

Look at your own PC specs and set the slider accordingly to have the best performance.