Modifications to FSc.cfg

In the beginning there was FS95…FS9…FS10..all 32-bits apps, memory issues, slow CPU’s, slow GPU’s..and numerous captains tried to force the rig to ultimate behavior. Now with Flight School (FSc) we have a 64 bit app, the most of us high speed CPU’s/GPU’s and thanks to the 64 bits architecture no longer VAS or OOM issues.perfmon_2016-06-09_19-32-55.png

Since there is no Options menu in FSc, some of the statements can be added manually. [WARNING] Whenever you mess up…close FSc, delete FSc.cfg (it’s in your C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingDovetail GamesFSc folder) and restart FSc. This restart will generate a vanilla FSc.cfg file for you.

  • [DISPLAY] :Framerate Controls, WideView
  • [GRAPHICS] : Effects, VSync
  • [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask
  • [TERRAIN] Settings of the Scenery slider
  • [WEATHER] : Clouds


If you set affinity mask to another value e.g. 84 (that is, you set a bit representing a processor to 2-4-6), those processors are selected for thread assignment.
When you set affinity mask to 0 (the default), the 64-bit versions of Windows, scheduling algorithms set the thread’s affinity.
When you set affinity mask to any nonzero value, affinity interprets the value as a bit mask that specifies those processors eligible for selection.
What happens when you set AffinityMask=84

Translated from decimal 84 to BINAIR this is 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0
The number of the processor is
7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Read from the right to the left

If you want to activate an ‘unused’ processor, you could use affinity mask value.
The standard FSc value of AffinityMask=-1 meaning that all processors are activated for thread assignment.

Which in conclusion give us the advise not to change the standard affinity mask value.