Unlock achievements

questionYou might experience that earlier completed missions, parking ticket etc. are still not unlocked. Please check that the version of FSc is at least v1.0.8868 (bottom line in the opening screen)

Steam_2016-06-14_12-31-02Parking Achievement
To unlock your parking ticket let ATC help you and activate progressive taxi way.  This will point you to a parking stand. Set parking brakes. Done.

Steam_2016-06-14_12-33-35Flight of the Navigator
However all missions have been completed (7.250 point) the achievement is still locked.
To unlock the achievement fly once one of the earlier completed missions to unlock.

The issues are solved with update 6.

New Achievements 45 ./. 51

With the update 6 you  will see 6 new achievements added to the program.

Gravity : Successfully complete the DA42 Checkout Lesson
With a Little Luck: Successfully complete the Engine Out Landing Lesson.
What Goes Up: Successfully complete the Engine Failure during take off Lesson.
Ready and Able: Successfully complete the Multi Engine Skills Test.
Please Remain Seated: Successfully complete the Cross-Controlled Mission.
Night Moves: Successfully complete the Midnight Express Mission.
Final Destination: Successfully complete the Low and Fast Mission.