Flight 24: Eindhoven (EHEH) to Charles-De-Gaule (LFPG)

This flight  is from Eindhoven, Netherlands – EHEH to Charles-De-Gaule, France – LFPG
| Dist: 207 Nm | Heading 197 | Speed 122 KTAS | EFT: 1h 43 m | Aircraft: Piper PA28 |

Warning: this flight was created using DTG Flight School version 8470.
Activate GPS with SHIFT+3 to check your course.
Scroll your mouse to turn left or right on the scale of OBS.
Morse codes are place between square brackets [ … — … ]

This flight 24 starts at Eindhoven Airport, The Netherlands. The route is South. A visual approach to Charles-De-Gaule is followed by a visual approach landing. Navigation is a combination of VOR and NDB. The distance is about 207 Nm and the flight time will be approximately 1 hour and 43 minutes. (No wind calculation). This is a VFR flight (Visual Flight Rules). Current time is 10:00 Local Time (GMT 08:00) Season: Spring. Weather settings are set to Fair Weather.

Download of the flight plan files

A zip-file with the flight information is available with this link.
In the zip-file you will find:

  • Eindhoven (EHEH) to Charles-De-Gaule (LFPG) Flight Plan.PLN
  • Eindhoven (EHEH) to Charles-De-Gaule (LFPG).FLT
  • Eindhoven (EHEH) to Charles-De-Gaule (LFPG).FSSAVE
  • Eindhoven (EHEH) to Charles-De-Gaule (LFPG).SPB
  • Eindhoven (EHEH) to Charles-De-Gaule (LFPG).WX

Unzip the file in the folder where your FSW flight files are stored.
The standard location is;
C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Flight SIm World\

This is your graphical flight plan:


You will be placed at the threshold of RWY 03 in the default Piper PA28. To practice your taxi skills you could leave the runway at holding 03 and follow the taxiway G to holding 21 else takeoff and make a 180 deg turn south.
| Departure: RWY 21 | Init Hdg: 198 deg | Init Alt: 2000 ft | Apt Elev: 77 ft |

    • Tune ADF EHN [ . …. -. ] 397 kHz; set OBS to 197 deg
    • To Waypoint 1: Depart Rwy 03/21. After take off runway heading, climb to 3,000 ft, established at DME 7.0 EHN. Climb to 6,500 ft and level off; fly Hdg 198 to WP1 EBKH.
    • To Waypoint 2: Tune NAV1 to BUN (VOR-DME 110.60); fly Hdg 254 (6min) to WP2 BUN
    • To Waypoint 3: At BUN tune NAV1 (VOR 117,55) HUL […. ..- .-.. ]; fly Hdg 198 (10 min)
    • To Waypoint 4: At HUL tune NAV1 (VOR 115,05) to LVM [ .-.. …-.– ] fly Hdg 244 (24min)
    • To Waypoint 5: At LVM tune ADF (NDB 317) VS […- …]; fly Hdg 190 (13min)
    • To Waypoint 6: At VS fly Hdg 173 to LFJS (14min); set NAV1 114,85 BSN [ -… … -. ]
    • To Waypoint 7: At D13,5 BSN fly Hdg 222 to BSN (VOR-DME) 114,85 (7min)
    • To Waypoint 8: At BSN tune NAV1 (VOR-DME) PGS 117,05 Hdg 236 to PGS (8min);
    • You need to make a 180 deg turn since you are approaching 26L/R
    • At D17.3 PGS descent to 2300 ft and prepare for landing.
    • Arrival and land:
    • To LFPG: At PGS prepare for landing with a visual approach RWY 08L
      (Yes, I know RWY 08R is preferred….)
  • | Land:Charles-De-Gaule | Length 08L: 13829 ft | Width: 45 | Surface: Asphalt | Airport Elev.: 392 ft|
Missed Approach:

Climb straight ahead up to 5000 ft. Follow R086 PGS. At D17.4PGS climb FL70. At D19.4PGS turn left to intercept and follow R027 CLM (112,90) to LORNI. Climb up to 1200 ft prior level acceleration.


Saved .PLN files not visible in the Available Flight Plans

When you don’t see your saved .PLN flies in the Availabled flight Plans sub screen, you probably forgot to give it a Title. How to solve? Follow the next description and find out what happens.

  • Start P3D as Administrator
  • Open default flight
  • Choose menu Flight >> Flight Planner
  • Choose  Departure location: 00AL
  • Choose Destination: 00AZ
  • Choose Flight plan type VFR
  • Choose Routing VOR to VOR
  • saved_PLN02Press Find Route
  • Press Save…
  • Press OK
  • Press OK
  • Say Yes to move the aircraft a.s.p…
  • You will see the .PLN file with Windows Explorer, open it with an editor..
  • …but without a Title in the Load Flight Plan sub screen.
  • How should the xml   from the PLN look like?
  • Open the PLN with an editor (Notepad++), repeat the steps and checkagain.
  1. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
  2. <SimBase.Document Type=”AceXML” version=”1,0″>
  3.     <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr>
  4.     <FlightPlan.FlightPlan>
  5.         <Title>Title MUST be filled here in the Title box</Title>
  6.         <FPType>VFR</FPType>
  7.         <RouteType>VOR</RouteType>
  8.         <CruisingAlt>12500</CruisingAlt>
  9.         <DepartureID>00AL</DepartureID>
  10.         <DepartureLLA>N34° 51′ 53.33″,W86° 46′ 13.00″,+000820.00</DepartureLLA>
  11.         <DestinationID>00AZ</DestinationID>

saved_PLN03Now the PLN file is saved with a title and is visible in the Available Flight Plans sub screen