Network disconnects during flight

If you don’t have a loop back network adapter installed, this might solve your problem.

To install a loop back network adapter do the following for Windows 7:

  1. (Right Click) My Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager -> (Select)
  2. Computer -> (click) Action -> Add Legacy Hardware -> Next -> (tick)
  3. Install the Hardware manually -> Next -> (Select)
  4. Network adapters -> Next -> (Select)
  5. Microsoft -> (select)
  6. Microsoft Loop back Adapter -> Next -> Next -> Finish
  7. After installing the loop back adapter, find the Network Connections icons with  Windows Control Panel.
  8. Right Click on the loop back adapter’s icon for the properties menu.
  9. Go into TCP/IPv4 and set the IP address and Sub net mask.
  10. For the IP and Subnet mask use and
  11. Leave the Default Gateway blank.

Power for Saitek Yoke and USB

Together with the Saitek Yoke there is a throttle quadrant with a “PS2” connection to the yoke’s USB. Another type of this throttle quadrant listens to the article number PZ45 and is connected with an USB plug. Both work identical.

Power Supply:
in some situations the power to the usb connected hardware is insufficient; just buy a PZ44EX Power Adapter – Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System HERE.

Insufficient power results in unpredictable disconnection of attached usb hardware which are connected to the yoke. Read the SPAD page how to connect your USB devices and how to control them.