Your NAS and TimeMachine configuration


In order to prevent that your HD in your NAS gets completely filled with TimeMachine files. do the following to limit the space to 500GB.

  1. Create a share called TimeMachine
  2. Create a limited user called timemachine
  3. Limit the quota for this user to 500 GB
  4. Goto Shares, Edit share as below
  5. Now activate TimeMachine in your iMac using above credentials.
  6. Done!timemachine-mac1.jpg

iPad en Virtual CDU

This application will act as a CDU and will allow you to interact with the FMC on your Flight Simulator. It interfaces with your FS using an application installed on PC through a TCP/IP network. All data related to FMC is displayed on Virtual CDU and touch keyboard inputs are directly sent to FS.

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Helton Volasco

Virtual Avionics

Activeren van iPad en APP Virtual CDU

  1. Vlieg_Pc starten en je IP adres ophalen van de actieve netwerkadapter.
    Start-CMD-IPCONFIG-ENTER bijv. 192.168.2.x
  2. Op de iPad de instelligen voor de FSE router opzoeken en activeren.
    Naam van het draadloos netwerk: WRT610N-24.
  3. Op de iPad de Virtual CDU APP verbinden met jouw lokale IP adres.
    Zie stap 1 voor 192.168.2.x
  4. Op de iPad APP starten en CONNECT.