CHECKLIST for successful installation and operation of Prepar3D.
(… the 10 commandments … if the answer = NO … don’t proceed).

  1. Are you running Windows 10 operating system – 64 bits version?
  2. Do you run Windows 10 on a SSD 500GB+?
  3. Do you run Windows version 1803 (Buils 17134.407) or better? (Press Windows Key +R type winver + ENTER).
  4. Do you have Windows Update auto enabled?
  5. Is your processor a Quad core 3,5 Mhz/core or better?
  6. Does your processor support DirectX?
  7. Is your RAM memory 16 GB DDR4/2666MHz or better?
  8. Does  your SSD has more then 50 GB space to install P3D?
  9. Is your Graphics Card Memory 8 GB or more?
  10. Does you video card support DirectX11?
  11. Does your monitor(s) support 1920 x 1080 minimum screen resolution?

If all the answers are “Yes”, then you can have a successful installation and operate P3D with above minimum requirements. Installing P3D VANILLA means that you did not previously installed any Prepar3D version. If you did, follow the instructions on this page

CHECKLIST Download and Preparations To Install

  1. Do you have a high speed internet connection? (With a download speed of 50 MB+ Check with
  2. Do you have anti virus software activated on your PC other than Windows Defender?
    We advice to disable these other  anti virus/firewall software during the download and installation procedure BEFORE starting the download.
  3. Did you ever moved your standard download location?
    If you did, you must have chosen a download location without security limitations.
    How do you know? Right mouse click Downloads/Properties  and check the Security properties of the group Administrators and Users being Permissions for both Allow Full Control. Else … restore the default location.
  4. Do you use a download manager?
    We recommend the app XDM2018 for a seamless download. With a suitable internet connection and a download manager you should be able to download a full zip in less than 20 minutes. Take some minutes to configure the Tools/Options tab.
  5. Are you familiar with unzipping files?
    We recommend a free copy of  7-ZIP or WinRaR, both 64 bit version.
  6. Are you familiar with corrupted downloads?
    We recommend that you check your download with Fastsum (free) and compare the MD5 values as provided in your P3D account.
  7. Now follow the standard instructions Step 1 ./. 9 on this page.
    Get back here when ready  
  8. After these steps, when successful completed, you will be ready to install P3D.
  9. Defining your installation directory.
    We recommend you to create a specific folder (e.g. P3D4) in the root of disc C:\ or another available disk, preferable a SSD.
    As such, C:\P3D4\ is called the root of P3D (remember!)
    If you insist to install P3D in .. /Program Files/ … then step
  10. User Account Control: you should temporarily disable UAC.
    How to disable? Press Windows Start button and type UAC and follow the screen.
  11. Administrator: you must have “administrative rights” to install en run P3D.
    How do you know? You must see “Administrator” in your account.
    Press Windows Start and type control +ENTER; then select Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts
  12. You are now ready to install P3D.
  13. From the uncompressed files in the folder, right mouse click Setup_Prepar3D.exe and run as Administrator.

REMEMBER: On the screen END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT do not press Install but change the Install location using the Options button and select your P3D folder as in step 9

  1. After installation, restart your fs-pc and click the P3D icon on your desktop to run as administrator.
  2. Prepar3D will start  for the first time and the Activation process will follow. You will be asked to fill the license information when your fs-pc is connected en online.