How to install IvAp in Prepar3D version 4.x

Revision 26 – 12-12-2018

Before starting the IvAp v2 installation,
a thorough knowledge of Windows File Explorer is indispensable.

This webpage concerns the installation of IvAp v2 with the purpose to fly on the IVAO-network (IVAN) and to be able to recognize other VA-aircraft.

You need the following files:

  • File #1:: FSUIPC5.dll
    (Download FSUIPC5.x from this site  | non-licensed works |)
  • File #2:: SimConnect.msi {C67A3A1B-F52B-42CC-85E8-231428A09312} >>
    this file is in your P3Dv4 folder x:\P3D4\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\
  • File #3:: the usual file from IVAO >> ivap-v2.0.2-b2773.exe
  • File #4:: a recent IVAO_MTL download.
  • File #5:: add-on.xml in case you want to place the IVAO_MTL in a non-default location.

DO NOT INSTALL  P3D IN THE ROOT OF A DISK, BUT ALWAYS IN A FOLDER CALLED P3D4 (or another name). Now first define your situation …
You have installed Prepar3D version 4 in the folder called: _____________
This folder is on disk:____________
Before you go: do not install IvAp in the folder … \P3D4\ …
Before you go: do not install IvAp in the folder … \Program Files (x86) \ …

  1. Install File #1:: check before the installation procedure if a previous installation of version FSUIPC5.x is already present in the … /Modules folder, then you can skip this step 1, else install File #1 (FSUIPC5  – non licensed works).
  2. Install File #2:: SimConnect.msi (right mouse on the filename and install as administrator).
  3. Creating a dummy fsx.exe: since IvAp v2 was created for FSX and does not support Prepr3D, we have to create a workaround:
    1. Create a copy of the file Prepar3D.exe (this file is in the root of your P3D4 installation folder) and
    2. Paste into the same place (the root of your P3D4 installation folder), then…
    3. Rename this copy to fsx.exe and leave it where it is.
  4. Install File #3:: Right mouse click the file ivap-v2.0.2-b2773.exe and install as usual and (of course) as administrator in the root of your P3D4 installation _disk (here) F:/IvAp_v2
    (This folder is created by the installation of IvAp, so do not create this folder manually; just install in the root of your P3D4 installation disk )
  5. Again: do not install IvAp inside … \P3D4\ …
  6. Again: do not install IvAp inside  … \Program Files  (x86)\ …

    We have seen in our comments that some users are still persistent in installing P3D in Program Files…those users MUST execute step 8 as well and then in step 9 select the location of your P3D installation in (thus) ../Program Files


  7. During the installation you will be asked you to browse to the location where you created a copy of Prepar3D.exe >> fsx.exe. See again step 3.1.

  8. Which Flight Simulator version should be used for this installation?
    Check box Flight Simulator X and select browse to find the location where you created a copy of the Prepar3D.exe which was renamed into >> fsx.exe. See again step 3.1.Look at the version number of your fsx.exe = version prepar3d.exe
  9. Installing TeamSpeak with IvAp v2:
    You may want to skip the TeamSpeak2 process when this is already installed.
    It is mandatory to install TeamSpeak2 inside IvAp v2, so do not skip installing TS2, else automatic communication with ATC will fail. If there is any previous installed TS2, uninstall the program first.
    After installation of TS2 by IvAp, replace the client executable(!)
    Read our TeamSpeak page.

  11. Download file #4: (read sub-1 and sub-2 before executing sub-3).
    Complete the MTL process by mandatory selecting FULL INSTALL (recommended);

    1. Pressing FULL INSTALL and then the Download button you will get ALL models to download … let it go and don’t interrupt.
      A folder \IVAO_MTL in … \Simobjects\ is created by the download itself. But take care:
    2. If you have already a current installation of IVAO_MTL-folder in Airplanes, zip this folder and then delete the folder IVAO_MTL. The zip remains in …\Airplanes for later use.
    3. Now go to mtl.exe and run as administrator. (The mtl.exe is in the root of your current IvAp v2 installation folder). The download will start.
    4. When the download is completed, check the IVAO_MTL folder in …\Simobjects\IVAO_MTL
    5. What you get is the latest version with all VA’s which version is compatible with P3D4.3+
    6. The FSE-Member version IVAO_MTL_20180910-121028.rar and add-on.xml are both on our STACK in the folder \05-IVAO-IVAP-IVAC-IVAE\IVAO_MTL
  12. Download File #5:: If you want to store the IVAO_MTL in another disk or folder, please use the add-on.xml as provided. See also step 20 and adapt the path.

  13. Since the beta version has stopped, proceed with 18.
    In the mean time download this file from 
  14. Unzip the file. You will create D:\Downloads\MTLTest-Full-0.1\IVAO_MTL\; this additional IVAO_MTL folder  contains 368 folders.
  15. When the installation process of IvAp v2 is completed, then overwrite your IVAO_MTL (in Simobjects\IVAO_MTL\) with D:\Downloads\MTLTest-Full-0.1\IVAO_MTL\ The folder only contains models for P3D4+ and the purpose is to overwrite the initial IVAO_MTL download and correcrting the model files.
  16. Say YES to overwrite and DONE!
    :: Any complaints? Refer to this webpage:
    If you are a IVAO member, please report any issues with this BETA version with




  18. The MTL index process: after a new download the index process will start automaticly. Don’t forget that with any manual change in the folder IVAO_MTL, you need always to reindex the database. To do so:
    1. Open ivap_config.exe in the root of your IvAp v2 installation folder;
    2. There select Online Traffic and
    3. Press the button Reindex MTL.
    4. Wait until completed (you will see a DOS screen runing)  and close with OK.ivap_config_2018-12-12_08-40-41.png
  19. IvAp Configuration: since the transponder codes can only be set in standby position, don’t forget to check in IvAp v2 – Configuration enable IvAp <-> FSUIPC SDK in the section 3rd Party Tools.
  20.  Adding the IVAO_MTL entry in simobjects.cfg
    1. Open the file  simobjects.cfg in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\
    2. Add this text:
      [Entry.10] << mind the number sequence!
      Title=IVAO MTL
    3. Whenever you move the IVAO_MTL folder to another disk or folder, you MUST change the path in order to keep this working.
    4. Save the file and check the name of the folder in … \SimObjects\
  21. Placing IVAO_MTL in another folder.
    1. Use the add-on.xml as provided. and adapt the <Path> as in your situation.
    2. In the sample below you will observe that the add-on.xml is placed in the folder x:\Documenten\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\IVAO_MTL and the location of the IVAO_MTL is addressed to <Path>C:\P3D4-AI\IVAO_MTL</Path>
  22. Do not make additions or changes to the dll.xml since IvAp will be started in another way as follows: (Reason? There is NO NEW INSTALLER !)

    1. Manual Starting IvAp: press your Windows key and go to  the folder IVAO\
    2. Select the icon IvAp v2 – External | More and Run as administrator.
    3. 2nd (better) option: right mouse click the icon IvAp v2 – External and Add to Start, then open file location, select properties and check in the compatibility tab Run as administrator.
    4. After making CONNection and submiting your flightplan (ACARS-SEND FLIGHTPLAN) you will be visible in Webeye. Your flight results will be registered in the IVAO database. When you fly the IVAN network you can see any virual airline (VA).
    5. If you want IvAp to start always by the sim, add the following statement into the exe.xml. You find this exe.xml file in:
      C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\

      1. Open the exe.xml with Notepad++ and make the changes as in the picture below:exe-xml-p3d-ivap
        @line-10: check the path where your IvAp v2 is installed.
      2.  Save the file and run the sim.
      3. You will find IvAp as normal in your Add-ons menu together with FSUIPC a.s.o.
      4. Hiding IvAp in this menu does not stop the app from working; in case of a restart, first stop the current process using Task Manager

User Issues

Transponder codes reset to 1200:
the transponder codes can only be set in standby position

Weather: strange effects?
Disable the weather engine in the IvAp Configuration panel, section Weather.

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