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On page 118 of Tutorial #2, this section has a missing step – I’m pinning this here because it keeps coming up…

  1. Press DEP ARR and select the LOWI ARRIVALS page.o
  2. Select Runway 08, which clears out the LOC/DME EAST procedure. We’re doing this because we don’t want the missed approach procedure for runway 26 to be in the FMC in the event of a go-around. This isn’t entirely realistic, but the Navigraph navdata does not contain a procedure for the circle to land’s missed approach.
  3. Press LSK 3L to copy RW08 and then press LSK 1L to enter a direct to.
  4. Then enter the extended runway centerline course, 079 into the LSK 6R DIR INTC field.This sets up a magenta line to infinity along the runway’s centerline on the ND that can be used for situational awareness during the turn to final. In between the second and third steps here it should say:
  5. Press the LEGS button to return to the LEGS page, where we’ll set up a direct to intercept course for the extended centerline. If you find any other errors/typos in the tutorial.
  6. Post them here and I’ll fix them for the next revision.