We have a special location where we store our flights.
All flights are created with Prepar3D version 4+
You will find a flight.pln file and a documented flight plan in our storage location.

Storage location: FSE_PUBLIC
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Join our Norway flights … more than 3,500 nm miles in total 20 trips

Click HERE for direct access to all Norway flights.
NOR01-VFR Gardermoen (ENGM) to Stafsberg (ENHA)
NOR02-VFR Stafsberg (ENHA) to Ringebu (ENRI)
NOR03-VFR Ringebu (ENRI) to Leirin (ENFG)
NOR04-VFR Leirin (ENFG) to Bjorli (ENLB)
NOR05-VFR Bjorli (ENLB) to Namsos (ENNM)
NOR06-VFR Namsos (ENNM) to Rossvoll (ENRA)
NOR07-VFR Rossvoll (ENRA) to Bardufoss AB (ENDU)
NOR08-VFR Bardufoss AB (ENDU) to Banak (ENNA)
NOR09-VFR Banak (ENNA) to Mehamn (ENMH)
NOR10-VFR Mehamn (ENMH) to Andoya (ENAN)
NOR11-VFR Andoya (ENAN) to Bodo (ENBO)
NOR12-VFR Bodo (ENBO) to Ryum (ENRM)
NOR13-VFR Ryum (ENRM) to Kvernberget (ENKB)
NOR14-VFR Kvernberget (ENKB) to Bringeland (ENBL)

In preparation:

Dutch Manual for Autopilot in AC11
NOR15-VFR Bringeland (ENBL) to Sorstokken (ENSO)
NOR16-VFR Sorstokken (ENSO) to Sola (ENZV)
NOR17-VFR Sola (ENZV) to Gullknapp (ENGK)
NOR18-VFR Gullknapp (ENGK) to Geiteryggen (ENSN)
NOR19-VFR Geiteryggen (ENSN) to Dokka (ENDO)
NOR20-VFR Dokka (ENDO) to Kjeller AB (ENKJ)