How to install the TeamSpeak2 Server app

Run te executable and wait for the Welcome screen:
Unpack in the download folder the file named: ts2_server_rc2_20201.exe 
Install this program ts2_server_rc2_20201.exe using the Run as Administrator command.

Accept the License agreement

Select a destination directory: e.g.

When you did already install TeamSpeak Client, you get the message:

Select Start Menu Folder:

Select Additional Tasks like a shortcut on your desktop: 

Then it says: Ready to install…

Getting the Information screen:

Completed! Click Finish and Launch the server.

Launch TS2 Server

Accept Firewall settings

Now take care, because after the opening logo, you once get the opportunity to write down the passwords for admin and super admin of this server! Write down the passwords!
If you forget to do this… you can find the passwords in the server log file.

Close this screen…ready to go!

If your server is installed behind a NAT router, please configure the router settings and forward port 8767 UDP in your router.

Now launch TS2Server with the shortcut on your desktop…and observe with a right mouse popup in your system tray on the TS2 icon: the 3 icons (that’s where the clock is…)
Administration…IP addresses…Exit
Select Administration,
Change the settings as you wish.
Use the help function.
Before to continue, close the server with Exit.

How to replace the server executable file

(1) Get into the installation folder of the server app.
(2) Rename the file server_windows.exe to server_windows_old.exe
(3) Copy/ paste the previous downloaded update file into this place.

How to configure Registered Users

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