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How to Download TS2 Server and TS2 Client files

(1) Download TeamSpeak2 Server and client files from our TS2-Download page.
(2) You will see 2 folders containing executables: ts2_server_rc2_202319.exe and ts2_client_rc2_2032.exe.
(3) There are also 2 latest modified executables:
(4) One file or the server (server_windows.exe) as well as
(5) One file for the client (TeamSpeak.exe).
(6) Download all the Client files you need.
(7) Download the Server files only if you run a TS2-Server
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How to install TeamSpeak2-Client Application

The TeamSpeak2 Client application is installed together with IvAp v2 or the new Pilot Client ALTITUDE (Beta)
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How to replace the Client executable file

(1) In your local TS2 folder: TeamSpeak2 version is subject to possible infringement on the Internet. To avoid this it is recommended that you replace the executable file. What to do?
(2) Go into the installation folder of TeamSpeak2_RC, this is mostly C: Program Files (x86)/Teamspeak2_RC2/ or your chosen installation path.
(3) Rename TeamSpeak.exe with the old version as TeamSpeak.exe
(4) Place the new updated executable (version 33.7) . Exe in the folder C: Program Files (x86)/Teamspeak2_RC2/
(5) The new file TeamSpeak.exe (version 33.7) is on our TS2-Download page;  this update is a new .exe file and is NOT an installer.
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How to configure Audio Settings

working on it

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How to activate TeamSpeak2 with the Yoke

(1) Start the simulator and open FSUIPC5 – tab Buttons + Switches
(2) Press any button on your yoke or joystick (E.g. Joy# 2 en Btn# 0)
(3) Check the box Select for key press
(4) Press the key(s) to be sent when you press this button
(5) Press e.g. CapsLock
(6) Check Key press to repeat while held and close with OK
Note: when TeamSpeak2 is not launched as administrator, you must activate the TS2 window with your mouse in order to speak.
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How to create Channels and Sub Channels

How to Create New Channel

(1) Start your TeamSpeak2 Client on the PC where the client is installed;
(2) Login as Registered User with the earlier given Login name  (admin) and password.
(3) The Default Channel (RD) appears;
(4) Now to create a Channel: Select Channels  >>Create Channel >>
(5) Fill a frequency in the field Name: (e.g. 121.750)
(6) Give it a ATC-Position name in the field Topic: EHEH_TWR
(7) Password: leave this field empty
(8) Select a Codec: Speex 12.3 Kbit ./. 25.9 KBit
(9) Set the Flags: check the box ”Registered” only
(10) Press button “Create channel”
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