USB disconnects by inactieve hardware

Veel gebruikers hebben problemen met het verbreken van de USB-hardware na een periode van inactiviteit, hoewel het energiebeheer van de PC correct was ingesteld.
Voor dit euvel heeft Microsoft een Hotfix:

NB: In Windows 10 is dit ongewenste verschijnsel van ongewenst verbreken van de USB verbinding opgelost. Echter, de standaard instellingen van  het energiebeheer moet je toch per USB Generic Hub en USB Root Hub instellen, aangezien deze instelling standaard ingesteld is op “Enabled”.

Note: this issue of unwanted disconnection of USB is solved! However you still need to check the correct status of each USB device and apply the power settings as per your request as by default the power settings are Enabled.

Check this:

  1. In W10 go to Start and right mouse click to select Device manager.
  2. Open Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  3. In that list open the Properties of each USB hub (except the HostController lines) one by one. Here you see a 4 ports hub of which 3 ports are connected as in Attached devices:
  4. If you look at the tab Power management all Root hubs should have the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” as unchecked.

  5. However…This is not enough !
  6. When you get back to the Power tab and then double click the HID compliant device line, you will see another tab Power Management of which the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” is checked!
  7. You need to control all the active USB Attached devices for this unchecked box otherwise the USB connection could be lost in case of inactivity of the hardware.
  8. Remember when you are swapping usb plugs you need to check this procedure again.