SPAD General Setup

After you have started SPAD you will see a little aircraft icon in your system tray.
Double click on this icon > and the General Page will open:

generalsetup2[If you don’t see the icon…go to >Control Panel > All Control Panel Items >Notification Area Icons : Set the SPAD icon to “Show icon and notifications”]

Here you can setup some general options. Select Setup in General Options. This will open the SPAD – General Options window with 2 tabs: General and Process Priority.

General: whatever you like, you can start SPAD when Windows starts and/or Quit SPAD when FSX stops.

When a new aircraft is detected: you can either ask for a profile to bind or bind to the default profile. If you use many different aircrafts the option “…ask for a profile to bind” may be useful to rapidly select the correct profile. In this blog there is a special page dealing with profiles.

Process Priority:
 No support is provided about process priority management, click only if you know what you are doing.

Short/Long click threshold: Pay attention to click threshold, using a very short threshold could make short/long click detection unreliable.
A short click is applied pressing down a button and releasing it immediately.
A long click is applied pressing down a button and keeping it pressed for a while.
The minimum pressing time to achieve a long click is customizable. By default this is set to 500 msec.  Long click press duration is configurable in the “General Options” window.

Another way  to Start SPAD when Flight Simulator starts
This method is only compatible with FSX or Prepar3D. You can’t use it for FS9 (Flight Simulator 2004).
To start SPAD automatically when FSX or Prepar3D starts you have to manually modify your exe.xml file.
This process is simple but not trivial.
Proceed only if you feel secure about what you are doing and in any case make a backup of the file before any modifications.

Exe.xml is located in your %appdata%MicrosoftFSX folder.
You have to add a Launch.Addon section like this:

<Path>C:Program Files (x86)SPADSPAD.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon>
Of course you have to edit the path to reflect your installation
The whole exe.xml file should look like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?> 
<SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> 
<Path>C:Program Files (x86)SPADSPAD.exe</Path> 
Of course your file could be different if another section was 
previously added/modified.

SPAD Latest News

2014-10-17 Further SPAD.neXt development is in place

passIconSPAD translated: nederlands-spad.pdf: 
We got this from a friends-friend (?) -…credits to him!

BIP Oil Pressure problem solved by Flying Squirrel
New SPAD.exe is available through the download page.
Replace the existing spad.exe from version v0.5 with spadv0.6.exe and rename >spad.exe

Multi Panel connection errors [SEE THIS PAGE]