Charts Cloud is a web app that displays charts and video tutorials for flight simulator use on virtually any web-connected device, with special attention to touch interaction. Data is streamed instantly to the browser!  Another app information is available from the forum page:
The app provides a moving map and communication between the sim and Navigraph is foreseen with a add-on.xml and a so called “simlink” plugin application.

What you need

  1. You have a subscription Access Charts Cloud and or you use Charts Desktop. No subscription … no luck and stop reading here.
  2. For communication between the app on your pc and Navigraph you need a file
    navigraph-simlink-,version>.exe from this link (check the latest version)
  4. Read this post:

What to do

  1. Download the file from Navigraph and install.
  2. This simlink plugin must be started by the simulator using an add-on.xml.
    This add-on.xml including the NavigraphSimlink_64.dll are automatically installed in the default location C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Navigraph Simlink\
  3. To start the plugin, open P3D4 and activate via the Add-on manager: Menu-Options-Add-ons-Enable. Then restart the sim. This is a one time action.
  4. After starting the sim the add-on.xml is active
  5. You must activate the plugin using the program “C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigraph\Simlink\NavigraphSimlink.exe”
    You will find a tile in the program list of Windows 10 and a little icon is place in the system tray area.

The test flights

  1. Last step, select this link to use the moving map beta version
  2. Did you start the sim already? OK, park your aircraft on LFJR – any Gate.
  3. Go to
  4. You will get this login screen
  5. After successful sign in you get this picture with a horizontal menu bar: | Flights | Airports | Search |
  6. Hovering your mouse over the text will show the function.
  7. Go to Flights > Add new
  8. Import a PLN file or flight string
  9. Verify and Save
  10. Go to Airports and filter by LFJR
  11. Select TAXI et voila …
  12. The purple arrow indicates your place on the chart.

Have fun.