LINDA stands for Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning

LINDA is meant to make your HID Device / Joystick assigning for P3D as simple as possible. With the advance of having many additional functions.
LINDA also supports the VRInsight MCP Combo (1 and 2) and adds many new functions to it.
And LINDA is a tool to make hunting for P3D controls, offsets and LUA variables much easier as it was till now.
LINDA should be the platform and a standard for all future user created LUA scripts

First of all, read this review to have a sound understanding what LINDA is and why and where you can use this app. Read it? Oké, now get the software here from the home page of LINDA. This link is valid for using LINDA with P3D up to version P3D4.5-Hotfix 3. Next to get LINDA working, you need a licensed copy of FSUIPC5.153 using LINDA with P3D4.

For using LINDA with P3Dv5 or using a licensed version of FSUIPC6 with P3Dv4.5 HF3 you need LINDA version 3.2
Download LINDA 3.2 file here.
More: to get LINDA + MCP Combo working with P3Dv4.5 HF3 + FSUIPC6.0.3.0 (licensed)::
Install LINDA as instructed; then in ../Modules copy fsuipc5.ini to fsuipc6.ini

Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning | LINDA

Latest version |15 feb 2020 for P3D4.1+ and FSUIPC5153
Latest version | 2-JUN-2020 for P3Dv5+ and FSUIPC6
Information: see our web pages LINDA and TAGs
More: to get LINDA + MCP Combo working with P3D4.5HF3+FSUIP6.0.3.0 (licensed)::
Install LINDA as instructed; then copy fsuipc5.ini to fsuipc6.ini

We have 4 lessons for you to enlarge your knowledge of this interesting application.
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