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[1] For Prepar3D 4 & 5 (64-bit):: Install complete FSUIPC version 6.0.4
This is the 64-bit version and is valid for Prepar3D version 4 from 4.1, and version 5.
[2] For Prepar3D version 4.x use FSUIPC5
[3] Backup your ../Modules/FSUIPC Documents folder before the installation of FSUIPC6

Introduction: What is FSUIPC?

FSUIPC4 is a completely new version of FSUIPC designed for FSX and hopefully all future versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is built around the new Microsoft interface named  “SimConnect” which is used almost (but not yet quite) exclusively for its interactions with FSX. This should guarantee it compatibility with future versions as Microsoft become responsible for maintaining the SimConnect interface itself, though the few exceptions currently remaining does mean that you have to look out for specific updates.

The function of FSUIPC, now that developers have an official Microsoft interface they can use, is still twofold, as it has been over the last nine years. It is just that one side of it will probably see less application as time goes on. The two aspects are:.

The provision of an interface to FSX and beyond for application programs and add-on aircraft which is compatible with that provided by previous FSUIPC versions for FS2000, FS2002 and FS2004 (and, if you go back to FS6IPC days, FS98). The advantage of this is that programs already working on FS2004 (say) should, if they use FSUIPC, work immediately with FSX (if they don‟t, I want to know, please!).

In time I would expect newer versions of FSUIPC-using application, and, indeed, complete new applications, to arise that interface to SimConnect directly. Hence, this part of FSUIPC4 is unlikely to see a great deal of new development (additional offsets and the like)—at least certainly not as much as has occurred in the past.

This aspect of FSUIPC4 is available to applications irrespective of the user‘s status. In other words, user purchase and registration of FSUIPC4 has no bearing on the local FSX PC support of FSUIPC-interfacing programs (support for Networked clients of WideFS does however still need purchase of the WideFS key).

The main part of FSUIPC4, and the one which actually justified it as a payware add-on for all those who purchased it in the past, are the user features which is the subject of this document. It is these features you get if you purchase a Key to register. As well as those facilities familiar to previous users, for programming buttons, axes and performing more precise joystick calibrations, the functions of the original AutoSave and GPSout modules are now part of the benefits of subscribing to FSUIPC4, and are built in facilities with on-line option setting.

Note that some of the main features of previous versions of FSUIPC, those for manipulating the weather, are still not all as useful as they were. This is because the SimConnect facilities for weather reading and writing are just not fully up to scratch. Some facilities have been provided and work well, notably wind smoothing, but please don‘t expect them all to be fully working—the visibility constraints and especially the graduated visibility are the main casualties.

 Source: Pete Dowson

Download and Re-install

Download the FSUIPC application HERE and for a registered version HERE.

After installation you will find FSUIPC on screen Add-ons >> FSUIPC and in the folder your
FSX installation drive :.  ../FSX/Modules

Re-install FSUIPC

If you want to re-install FSUIPC4 save your FSUIPC4.key file and place it again after installation.


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