FS Commander

nlFlightSim Commander is een professionele vlucht planner, GPS, Moving Map en navigatie hulpmiddel voor Flight Simulator 2004 en Flight Simulator X. Omdat het een stand-alone programma is, kan FlightSim Commander ook gebruikt worden in een netwerk of met single-monitor of multi-monitor systemen. Bekijk deze website voor kopen, systeemvereisten en Registratie.

De do’s en de dont’s:

  • FSC 9.6 draait op Windows-XP, Vista en Windows 7/8/10, maar niet op Windows 98
  • Stel de lettergrootte van uw systeem in op de normale 96 dpi
  • Gebruik FSUIPC4 om verbinding te maken FSX.
  • Stel de Datum Tijd formaat in op 24-uurs formaat  als de Sunset / Sunrise-functie niet goed werkt.
  • Selecteer hoofdletters HH’s
  • Installeer dit programma FSCSetup.exe en start (na installatie) met Fsc.exe
  • Je MOET FSCDbManager.exe draaien om de nodige databases aan te maken.
  • Je MOET FSC 9.6 installeren in de root van C: anders in de root van harde schijf een andere pc’s.
  • Niet installeren in de map C: Program Files (x86)
  • Je kunt niet FSC en FSX draaien in een volledig scherm met behulp van een computer met een monitor configuratie.
  • Wanneer je FSC en FSX draaien wilt op verschillende computers, moet je WideFS draaien op de client PC (WideFS is opgenomen in FSUIPC4).
  • Om met Flight Simulator X en FSC 9.6 te werken in een multi-computer-netwerk, lees het bijbehorende artikel in de categorie FSCommander.

gbFlightSim Commander is a professional flight planner, GPS, Moving Map and navigation tool for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X . Being a  stand-alone program, FlightSim Commander can also be used in a network or with single-monitor or multi monitor systems. Download the latest version of FS 9.x here also for buying, System Requirements and Registration, help files and manuals.

The 10 commandments of FSC 9

  1. FSC 9.6 runs on Windows-XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/10 but not on Windows 98
  2. Set the font size of your system to normal 96 dpi
  3. Use FSUIPC4 to connect to FSX.
  4. Set your Date Time format to 24-hours format or Sunset/Sunrise feature does not work properly. Select capital HH’s
  5. Unzip and Install FSCSetup.exe and start (after installation) with fsc.exe
  6. You MUST run FSCDbManager.exe to create the necessary databases.
  7. You MUST instal FSC 9.6 in the root of C: else in the root of any other pc’s harddrive.
  8. Do not install in the folder C:/Program Files (x86)/
  9. You cannot run FSC and FSX in full screen mode using 1 computer single monitor configuration.
  10. When you run FSC and FSX on different computers, you need WideFS to connect (WideFS is included in FSUIPC4).

To operate Flight Simulator X and FSC 9.6  in a multi computer network, please read the related article.

AIBridge for private multi player online pilots
José Oliveira’s program AIBridge reads multi player traffic and feeds the aircraft data into Flight Simulator’s AI traffic.  FlightSim Commander then displays multi player aircraft in the same way as ordinary AI aircraft. If you are using a private network, you need AIBridge in order to see the other players’ aircraft. IVAO and VATSIM pilots DO NOT NEED AIBridge, since both online organizations provide a TCAS feature which has the same effect as AIBridge. In the case of IVAO make sure that the option Populate TCAS table at General/FSUIPC of the IVAP client is checked.

IVAO Airspace File This file contains the currently valid IVAO airspace structure and should be used by IVAO pilots and controllers. The airspace structure used by IVAO is updated at irregular intervals to cope with changes in the real world. We thus advise users to check this page once in a while to see if they are using the correct airspace structure. If you notice discrepancies between what you see in FS Commander and what IVAO ATC tells you, this is probably due to the fact that you are not using the correct airspace file. Unzip the file and copy the file fsc_ivao.dat into your DatabaseOnline folder (default: FSCDatabaseOnline) overwriting the currently existing file. As always it is good standard practice to make a backup copy of the current file before overwriting it.

FSCommander for P3D:
Website: http://fscommander.com
Download latest version of FSCOMMANDER 9 for Prepar3D
If you don’t have the correct version of FSUIPC4, buy
here http://secure.simmarket.com/pete-dowson-fsuipc4.phtml