nl Probleemloos vliegen? Installeer je software op de juiste wijze en houd deze in up-to-date status. Dit zijn onze FSE Standaard geïnstalleerde Apps die we gebruiken tijdens onze flightsim sessies.

gbFlight simulation without problems? Install your software in the correct way and keep it updated. These are our FSE Standard installed Apps we use during our flight sessions.

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This page is updated on: 04-11-2018
Latest AIRAC 1811 = 12 OCT

Current and previous available freeware files can be found on our STACK

Attention: do-not-use-download-manager-application-on our-stack.

OS              :: Windows 10 Pro  Version 1803 Build 17134.345
                :: Windows 10 Home Version 1803 Build 17134.345
Prepar3D        :: version |Download|Install|HELP|Forum|
FSUIPC5         :: version 5.14 << P3D4.2+ |FSE|STACK|
LINDA           :: version |23 sep 2018 for P3D4.1+|FSE|STACK|
Airplanes       :: |Stock|Add-on|AI|PMDG|iFly|Aerosoft|Other|
IVAO_MTL        :: |P3D43: IVAO_MTL_2018-09-23 |STACK|
ORBX            :: FTX Global | BASE Pack | openLC | Trees HD| Vector |
ORBX-Europe     :: REGION : TrueEarth Netherlands HD
FTX Central     :: V3.3.1.4 (Fastlane OPT-IN)[Check your account]
ORBX Libraries  :: version 180725(July 2018)
FreeMeshX Global:: V2.0 29-7-2017 > How to download @ high speed
Scenery Library :: FSE Scenery Library Table

FLIGHT PLANNING & CHARTS                                               
Navigraph       :: current AIRAC
Navigraph       :: FMS Data Manager 1.7.3 for Windows
Navigraph       :: Charts Desktop
Simlink         ::
SimBrief        :: Flight Planner Freeware |Intro|Airac|
Aivlasoft       :: Flight Planner Payware  |Intro|Airac|
Little Navmap   :: 2.0.3 |current Airac see Navigraph|

JoinFS          :: version 1.4.13 (Server & Client) |Manual-NL|
Skype           :: |CONNECT|
Simlink         :: |CONNECT|
Filezilla_______:: version 3.38.1 (Let op de vinkjes bij installeren)
TeamSpeak2      :: Version |FSE|
IvAo Airspace   :: IVAO Data 09-10-2016 (open .dat file with Notepad++)
IvAp            :: ivap-v2.0.2-b2773 run as IvAp v2 External
IvAc ATC App    :: ivac-v1.2.4-b225
METAR Server    :: metar.txt in IvAo-LAN Server by

COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS                                                
IFR Communication  |pdf:IFR Communication| 
VFR Communication  |pdf:VFR_Controlled   |pdf:VFR_Uncontrolled|
ATC Communication  |FSE|

RECOMMENDED FS HARDWARE & FS-Software                                   
ASP4 and ASCA   :: |Active Sky for P3D4 including ASCA|FSE|STACK|
Airmanager      :: t.b.d.
Addon Organizer :: P4AO by LORBY-SI V.1.39.b06 |STACK|YouTube|
Simserver       :: version 4.2 dated Oct 6th, 2018 |FSE|STACK|

RECOMMENDED PC-HARDWARE & PC-Software                                  
Acronis         :: True Image 2019 |FSE|WEB|STACK|
NOTEPAD++       :: v7.5.8 [Our preferred text editor]
TeamViewer      :: version: 13.2.26558 Free license
MCP COMBO       ::

FS Commander    :: 
9.6 Rev.9 Build: 01-July-2017 valid through P3D4.0
9.7 REV not applicable for P3D4.1+
FS-SCEditor     :: Scenery Config Editor |Download|Manual|Help|-