VFR Uncontrolled

V F R__U n c o n t r o l l e d__D e p a r t u r e                                                                                                                                                   
CTAF: [freq:___,__]
P: [airfield] Traffic, radio check [callsign]
[airfield] Traffic: read you [__] by five
P: [airfield] Traffic, [callsign] is taxiing from [_____] to [_____]
P :[airfield] Traffic, [callsign] is (lining up)(entering)(backtracking) RWY[___]
P: [airfield]Traffic, [callsign], taking off RWY[___],heading [_____],(climbing [_____]ft)
(departing)(leaving the circuit to N/E/W/S)
VFR Uncontrolled EN ROUTE
P:[airfield] Traffic,[callsign][model airplane], overhead [_____], at[_____]ft, (FL[___]) heading[___] direct to[_____]
VFR Uncontrolled Arrival / APPROACH
P: Traffic,, , overhead[_____] (for landing)(T&G)RWY[___] at [___]
P: [airfield] Traffic,[callsign][model airplane]
– (entering the circuit from the [N, E, S, W])
– (joining Downwind)(at) [_____] ft
– (for) landing RWY [___]
– T&G (RWY) [___]
P:[airfield] Traffic, [callsign], Downwind, (RWY) [_____]
P:[airfield] Traffic, [callsign], turning Base, (RWY) [_____]
P:[airfield] Traffic, [callsign], (on) Final (RWY) [_____], Full Stop RWY [___], T&G RWY [___]
P:[airfield] Traffic, [callsign], vacated (RWY )[_____], taxiing to [_____]