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The 13th FSE-Norway flight begins at Ryum (ENRM), Norway. The distance is ~ 200 nm and the flying time is ~2 hours. We will fly at safe altitude of 3.000 feet. Departure location is ENRM, parking 1 – Ramp GA Small.
More information about this airport: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%B8rvik_Airport,_Ryum

The tasks for today:
o Landing @ ENVA RWY09 in a lift hand pattern; read the ALT from LNM
o Landing @ ENOL RWY 15 insert the left-hand circuit on the map of Little Navmap
o T&G @ ENFA RWY 22
o ILS landing @ ENKB 110.10 RWY07
Enjoy this flight

ROUTE GTEN-NOR13-VFR Ryum (ENRM) to Kvernberget (ENKB)
Flight Planning GTEN-NOR13-VFR Ryum (ENRM) to Kvernberget (ENKB)
Flight Plan Elevation Profile GTEN-NOR13-VFR Ryum (ENRM) to Kvernberget (ENKB)