G1000 NXi in MARKETPLACE en Freeware update

Hello Captains,

Voor degene die de freeware package gebruikt: attentie voor dit bericht van Working Title

Hey @everyone, we are excited to announce the availability of v0.8.0 of the G1000NXi in the Marketplace! This update brings compatibility with Sim Update 6 and, as always, includes exciting new features and potentially exciting bug fixes. Headline features of v0.8.0 include support for LNAV, LNAV+V, LNAV/VNAV, LP, and LP+V RNAV approach types; METAR retrieval and display; map panning; and plenty more.

As always, this is an Early Access Opt-In Beta, so there may be bugs or missing features! Please give us feedback and reports on Discord in our nxi-early-access channel. Head to the sim Marketplace to grab the NXi or go to Content Manager to download the update. You can find the release notes here: https://www.workingtitle.aero/packages/nxi/2021/10/19/nxi-release-v0.8.0.html

Thanks, and enjoy the update!


We have now updated our freeware packages for Sim Update 6 as well. As always, you can grab them from our website: * https://www.workingtitle.aero/packages/cj4/2021/10/19/cj4-release-v0.12.8.html * https://www.workingtitle.aero/packages/g3000/2021/10/19/g3000-release-v0.7.5.html * https://www.workingtitle.aero/packages/g3x/2021/10/19/g3x-release-v0.1.0.html

(Please note that as of this update, the freeware G1000 is officially at end-of-life and will not be updated. Users are encouraged to download the NXi from the Marketplace.)

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    1. … de grote vertaaltruc..kies een taal (Afrikaans staat bovenaan) kies daarna Nederlands … staat dan boven Afrikaans

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