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The 10th FSE-Norway flight begins at Mehamn (ENMH), Norway. The distance is ~ 263 nm and the flying time is 2 hours and 35 minutes. We will fly at safe altitude of 4.000 feet. After takeoff and at TOC (12,0 nm) the route is South West. At each airport we fly T&G on this route: ENHV-ENHF-ENHK-ENTC.
We will land with a localizer LOC 14 (AN) 109,10 MHz
Set Current time to 12:00 UTC. Observe the direction of the wind and select the appropriate Runway for takeoff.

Departure from Parking 5 ENMH

Departure. Navigation is visual with the aid of GPS295 or LNM. The autopilot is in use. All legs save altitude is 4,000 ft. For this flight we will first change Fuel (in Fuel & Payload) into a calculated % (both tanks). We have a co-pilot and no passengers on board and 200-pound baggage. The Fuel calc sheet is available in our stack. Get in the plane, start the engine.
Your navigation help is the DME Soppero (SPO) 115,90 MHz which has a range of 130 nm and the localizers of the airports.

Flightplan GTEN-NOR10-VFR Mehamn (ENMH) to Andoya (ENAN)
Flightplan GTEN-NOR10-VFR Mehamn (ENMH) to Andoya (ENAN)
Flightplan Elevation Profile GTEN-NOR10-VFR Mehamn (ENMH) to Andoya (ENAN)

The airports ENHV-ENHF-ENHK-ENTC an Andenes Lighthouse (ENAN) can be downloaded from flightsim.to