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The 9th FSE-Norway flight begins at Banak (ENNA), Norway. The distance is ~ 210 nm and the flying time is 1 hours and 59 minutes. We will fly at safe altitude of 4.000 feet and after WP1 @2500ft. After takeoff and at TOC (12,0 nm) the route is East.

Departure @ Fuelbox ENNA

 At each airport we fly T&G on this route: ENVD-ENSS-ENBS-ENBV and at the end of the route we will fly a left-hand circuit pattern at Mehamn (NMH) to land. You have an ILS, DME @RWY17.
You are parked at the Fuel stand.  

GTEN-NOR09-VFR Banak (ENNA) to Mehamn (ENMH)
GTEN-NOR09-VFR Banak (ENNA) to Mehamn (ENMH)
GTEN-NOR09-VFR Banak (ENNA) to Mehamn (ENMH)
Near WP2
GTEN-NOR09-VFR Banak (ENNA) to Mehamn (ENMH)

airport scenery

Airport scenery can be downloaded from flightsim.to as for ENVD-ENSS-ENBS-ENBV

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