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The 8th FSE-Norway flight begins at Bardufoss AB (ENDU), Norway. The distance is ~ 188 nm and the flying time is 1 hours and 53 minutes. We will fly at safe altitude of 4.500 feet. After takeoff and at TOC the route is North. We will land at each airport we pass on this route: ENSR and ENNA
You are parked at the Fuel stand.  Set Current time to 12:00 UTC and Live Weather
Observe the direction of the wind and select the appropriate Runway for takeoff.

Bardufoss Airport (ENDU)

Bardufoss Airport (Norwegian: Bardufoss lufthavn; (ENDU) is a primary airport situated at Bardufoss in Målselv Municipality in Troms county, Norway. The airport, which is the civilian sector of the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s (RNoAF) Bardufoss Air Station, is operated by the state-owned Avinor. It consists of a 2,443-meter (8,015 ft) runway, a parallel taxiway and handled 218,451 passengers in 2014. Norwegian Air Shuttle operates three daily flights with Boeing 737s to Oslo. The airport’s catchment area covers central Troms.

Sørkjosen (Northern Sami: Reaššegeahči, Kven: Rässikäinen) is a village Nordreisa Municipality in Troms county, Norway. The village is located along the shores of the Reisafjorden about 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) northwest of the municipal center of Storslett. Sørkjosen has many industries including fishing, dairy production, and a sawmill. The 0.79-square-kilometre (200-acre) village has a population (2017) of 864 which gives the village a population density of 1,092 inhabitants per square kilometer (2,830/sq. mi).

Lakselv Airport, Banak (ENNA)

Norwegian: Lakselv lufthavn, Banak; IATA: LKL, ICAO: ENNA is an international airport located at Banak, 1.5 kilometers (0.9 mi) north of Lakselv, in the municipality of Porsanger, Finnmark county, Norway.

Co-located with the military Station Group Banak, the airport is owned and operated by the state-owned Avinor. The airport is also branded as North Cape Airport, although the North Cape is 190 kilometers (120 mi) away, and the nearest airport is Honningsvåg Airport, Valan.


Flight Planning NOR08-VFR Bardufoss AB (ENDU) to Banak (ENNA)

Landing @ ENSR: @ WP8 set your ADF to HTK 378,0 and fly direct to NDB: Hestvik Sorkjosen (HTK);
set NAV1 109,30; @ 5 DME HTK RH 90 intercept SR DME 109,30; RH187 to land @ ENSR.

Landing @ ENNA: @ WP11 DCT PG(MH) 275,0; intercept 108,30 ENNA or depending of the wind (!)
@WP 172 DCT VOR BNA 114,40; intercept ILS 109,35 to land @ ENNA.

Flight Plan NOR08-VFR Bardufoss AB (ENDU) to Banak (ENNA)

Flight Plan Elevation Profile NOR08-VFR Bardufoss AB (ENDU) to Banak (ENNA)

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