• The basic steps to handle an aircraft (26 minutes)
    • INTRODUCTION-Start with Basic Controls and Cameras (5 minutes) (BUG IN THIS SECTION-reported)
    • AIRCRAFT ESSENTIALS-Learn about yoke and reading basic instruments (4 minutes)
    • FAMILIZATION FLIGHT-A short taster flight guided by the instructor (5 minutes)
    • ATTITUDE (PITCH)-Learn to use the elevators (2 minutes)
    • TURNS (ROLL)-Using the ailerons and rudder (2 minutes)
    • POWER SETTINGS-The basics of power management (2 minutes)
    • STRAIGHT AND-LEVEL FLIGHT-Managing trim for smooth flight (3 minutes)
    • ATTITUDE TEST-Review the skills learned in previous lessons (3 minutes)


  • Practice getting into the air and safely back down again (30 minutes)
    • TAXIING-Maneuver from parking space to the runway (5 minutes)
    • TAKE-OFF-Line up and get airborne (4 minutes)
    • DEADSTICK LANDING-Focus on yoke to land (4 minutes)
    • LANDING WITHOUT ELEVATOR-Focus on throttle for a smooth approach (4 minutes)
    • LANDING-Combine throttle and yoke to land safely (4 minutes)
    • DOWNWIND-Follow a traffic pattern to prepare for landing (4 minutes)
    • FIRST SOLO FLIGHT-Take your first solo flight (5 minutes)


  • Learn about Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and how to use the outside world to navigate (37 minutes)
    • DEPARTURE-Get airborne and use the runway for reference (5 minutes)
    • DEAD RECKONING-Navigate using heading and time estimates (7 minutes)
    • LANDMARK-NAVIGATION-Navigate using key landmarks (7 minutes)
    • ARRIVAL-Follow-VFR procedures to land (7 minutes)
    • FIRST SOLO NAVIGATION-Complete an entire VFR flight on your own 11 minutes)


  • Step into the pilot’s seat of an Airbus A320neo (10 minutes)
    • A320 TAKE-OFF-Learn how to lift of an airliner (5 minutes)
    • A320 LANDING-Manage final approach and landing an airliner (5 minutes)

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