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The 5th FSE-Norway flight begins at Bjorli airport, Bjorli, Norway. We use the airport scenery ENLB from flightsim.to. The route is North until waypoint BAMVA. From there we go East to Fagerhaug (ENOP), Oppdal, and we fly low and slow through the valleys. We land at ENOP.

At this airport we receive an emergency call for immediate departure and to land in Vaernes ABN. We are 56 nm from TACAN VAE(T) 33x @109.60 MHz. We use the ILS approach 110.30 depending on the wind with Rwy 09/27. Before we land @Vaernes we visit 2 POI’s: Nidaros Cathedral and Tyholttårnet.

Nidaros Cathedral is the world’s northernmost gothic cathedral. Built from 1070 over the tomb of St. Olav, the Viking king who brought Christianity to Norway, the cathedral was completed around 1300. In the summer months, you can climb the tower. The 172 steps to the top are dark and narrow, but the climb is well worth it.

Tyholttårnet is a 126 meter tall radio tower with an observation deck in Trondheim, Norway. With its 124-meter it is currently the tallest building in Norway. Tyholttårnet was built in 1985. The tower features a revolving restaurant, at an altitude of 81 meters, which makes one complete revolution per hour.

We continue to the city of Snasa, airport EHGS; further as filed to Namsos (ENNM). The distance is about 217 nm and flight time will be approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes.

You are placed on Parking 4 in a cold & dark situation. Set Current time to 16:00 UTC. Season and Weather: Live weather.  In brief, the flight conditions are not so bad if you fly low and slow.

Flightplan Bjorli (ENLB) Runway 12 to Namsos (ENNM)
Elevation Profile Bjorli (ENLB) Runway 12 to Namsos (ENNM)

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  1. Dat lijkt me een mooie vlucht, wat voor toestel wordt er gebruikt voor deze vlucht.

    Gr Bob

    1. Aangezien je gebruik moet maken van de ADF is een Cessna 172(zonder G1000) een prima toestel om deze uitdagende vlucht te maken.

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