From a suggestion by Captain Gerard T. – Flightsim Eindhoven

Na onze succesvolle serie uit 2019 (toen we nog met P3D vlogen), maken we opnieuw kennis met Noorwegen, maar nu met Microsoft FlightSimulator.

Direct naar de bestanden
FS-ACTIVITEITEN/ FLIGHTS/ Grand Tour VFR Norway met MSFS2020.zip

Alle vluchten worden gemaakt en gevlogen met MSFS versie en de aanbevolen mods (zie hieronder) zijn getest op betrouwbaarheid.

Een fascinerende reeks vluchten met een van je standaardvliegtuigen en de Working Title MOD G1000NXi. Voor de beste visuele ervaring raden we aan om de top-wing Cessna C172 te nemen.

Working Title G1000 usage in default aircraft

Cirrus SR22
Diamond Aircraft DA40NG
Diamond Aircraft DA62
Pilatus PC-6
Textron Aviation Beechcraft Baron G58
Textron Aviation Beechcraft Bonanza G36
Textron Aviation Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000)
Textron Aviation Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX

system preparations

  • To begin a flight from the WORLD MAP selection, select the aircraft of your choice on the WORLD MAP together with one of the LIVERIES.
  • In WEIGHT AND BALANCE our fuel is 50% (both left and right) and there are no passengers nor cargo for this flight.
  • All FAILURES are OFF
  • In CUSTOMIZATION, fill in the section ATC OPTIONS your TAIL NUMBER (e.g. PH-ABC)
  • As CALL SIGN: set your VFR call sign, e.g. KLM.
  • Create a FLIGHT NUMBER e.g. 123.
  • Your ATC module will recognize you as KLM123.
  • Well done .. press [Esc] Close. Now proceed with ..

flight conditions AND FLIGHT FILES

In the left column mark the sections as MULTIPLAYER = ALL PLAYERS, AIR TRAFFIC = OFF and WEATHER AND TIME = PRESET. We will change the weather conditions after we have passed the BRIEFING. Press [Backspace] CLOSE.

Before we hit FLY, we must load the PLN-flight plan. With the ABOVE MENTIONED link you will be directed to the folder Grand Tour Norway (GTEN). You will find there the flight plans and more information of the POI’s, airports and sceneries. There will be a weekly update until flight 20

Load the flight GTEN-01-VFR Gardermoen (ENGM) to Stafsberg (ENHA) and hit the FLY button.

De FUEL box 912 ( rechts van RWY 19L )



The FSE-Norway flight begins at Gardermoen airport, Oslo, Norway. The route is roughly North with a (possible) straight in approach to Stafsberg (ENHA), Hamar, Norway. The distance is about 40 nm and flight time will be approximately 25 minutes.
You are placed at GATE (PARKING 912-FUEL BOX) in a Cold & Dark situation. In the FUEL panel that pops-up, set 25%, no cargo, no passengers.

Activate the toolbar and Set Current time to 11:45 UTC. Set DAY as in Spring for the year 2021 which starts on March 20th and ends on June 20th.
Weather: FEW CLOUDS. In brief, the flight conditions are not so bad if you fly low and slow.

Navigation is visual with the aid of G1000 or with a little help from LNM. The autopilot is not in use. All legs save altitude is 2,000 ft. Get in the plane, and activate ATC. Tune COM1 to ATIS 126.125 to get the latest weather report, runway in use and altimeter settings. Don’t forget to press “B” when you change the weather ..
Enjoy the flight!

using checklist

Apart from the pre flight cockpit inspection, it is not a superfluous luxury to also check the controllers you use for your correct settings. Press [Esc] go to OPTIONS and CONTROLS and check whether the hardware (joystick-pedals-throttle) is linked to your aircraft you will be flying with.

“as real as it gets” is our motto.

So welcome to the simmers of FSEINDHOVEN. If you belong to the category of gamers, no problem .. but be warned .. there are already surprises in this first flight.

So let’s start with the checklist. Activate this in the toolbar and complete the first 23 points of the PREFLIGHT INSPECTION-COCKPIT.

In this way you get to know the instruments and operation. Proceed ..


flying a standard overhead join

As the wind direction is 126@4kts we have to fly a standard overhead join circuit.

Approach: @ TOD (5,4 nm ENHA) descent to circuit height. This is the pattern altitude 1,000 ft + airport elevation 729 ft ~ 1730 ft.

At the entry point LHDG 285 to enter the circuit downwind leg with HDG329.

After 2 minutes turn to base and when runway insight turn to final and prepare for landing.

Working Title G1000NXi: download direct from the supplier via the MARKETPLACE.