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FSUIPC7 v7.1.0 released on 9th May 2021 contains the following changes:

  • Added simvars TURB ENG IGNITION SWITCH EX1:1/2/3/4 to offset area at 0x02C0/1/2/3.
  • Updated to recognize up to 128 buttons in Buttons Assignment panel
  • Added integration to the FSUIPC WASM module to provide lvar access as in FSUIPC5/6 (i.e. via macros and lua scripts)
  • additional lua functions added to read/write lvars as strings: readLvarSTR, writeLvarSTR
  • additional lua function added to activate hvars: activateHvar
  • WASM menu added to Add-ons menu when FSUIPC WASM detected
  • Read-only protection removed from offsets A000-A200 (so now available as free user offsets, as documented).