2020-10-28 An update has been released, with build date 28/10/2020. This contains the following changes:
  – changes in detection of in-menu/dialog flag at offset 0x3365
  – additional logging added for AutoSave
  – New (undocumented) controls added:
         Avionics Master 1 Set
         Avionics Master 2 Set
    (Note however, at least in the C172, these seem to function in a reverse manner to other set commands, with a parameter of 1 turning the avionics off, and 0 turning them on. YMMV)
  – various unused ini parameters removed, as well as some non-functioning FSUIPC-added controls
  – initial update of documents for FSUIPC7
  – minor updates to WideFS integration
  – beta license extended until 08/11/2020.
I now hope to have FSUIPC7 for sale by (or before) this date.

John Dowson