FSUIPC7 Update 19-sep en Versiegeschiedenis

Lees hier de voortgang van de ontwikkeling van FSUIPC7

9-8-20 FSUIPC7 has been updated and no longer requires the SimConnect.dll. I have modified the installation instructions (above) accordingly. It seems that the latest SDK has issues with Flight loading/saving. I will investigate . This was previously working with SDK

21-8-20 An update has been released, with build date 21/08/2020. This contains the following changes:
– default location of Flight files and plans updated for released version and Steam/MSFS installations.
Auto-save files should now be removed correctly. However, still problems with flight load/save due to known SimConnect issues.
– Additional Project Magenta controls added
– various minor UI updates
– version 0.2 of the offset Status document, updated with known issues.

25-8-20 An update has been released, with build date 25/08/2020. This contains the following changes:
– sim rate read/write offset 0x0C1A now working
– default ‘Sound’ path removed: please remove this from your ini (it will be wrong!). There is no ‘Sound’ folder in MSFS. You will need to set this manually to point to
the location you use to store sound files used via FSUIPC’s sound interface.
– correction to profiles: there was a problem if you created an axes profile, didn’t import your general settings and didn’t add any new axes assignments.
– I’ve re-enabled the freeze toggle, although this is currently not working as the KEY_FREEZE_LATITUDE_LONGITUDE_SET event is currently not working, nor sim variable IS LATITUDE LONGITUDE FREEZE ON
– version 0.3 of the offset Status document, updated with known issues.

26-8-2020 An update has been released, with build date 26/08/2020. This contains the following changes:
– the Rudder and Aileron Trim Set controls have been added back. These are undocumented but are working.

28-8-2020 An update has been released, with build date 28/08/2020. This contains the following changes:
    – Rudder and Aileron trim calibration panels re-enabled

8-9-2020 An update has been released, with build date 08/09/2020. This contains the following changes:
  – correction to some key event names, and event TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT_FAST added
  – event used for Master Avionics (offsets 0x2E80 & 0x3104) changed from toggle to set
  – automatic re-connection on TransmitClientError failures, + new optional ini parameter TransmitErrorsReconnect added (default value of 5 if not specified)
  – ALT key recognition removed from key assignments panel
  – fix for spoiler arm deflection when set to arm with 4800 at offset 0x0BD0
  – ICAO designator, manufacturer and model added at offsets 0x0618, 0x09D2 and 0x0B26 respectively

14-9-2020 An update has been released, with build date 14/09/2020. This contains the following changes:
–  pause indicator and control offsets (0x0264 and 0x0263) now working:
0x0264 will indicate different pause states with flags 0x1 (PAUSE_SET), 0x2 (PAUSE ON/OFF), 0x4 (esc pause).
0x0262 accepts flags 0x1 and 0x2 to turn on using PAUSE_SET &  PAUSE_ON, and 0 to cancel both of these pause states. Note that esc pause is detected but cannot be controlled
  – transponder state added for read/write at offset 0x0846
  – changes to key handling: multi-key presses (when FSUIPC7 has focus) now passed through to the FS, keys masked when assigned in FSUIPC7 and FSUIPC7 has the focus, not masked if MSFS has focus. All key input events requested via SimConnect, but some still not working correctly, e.g. numpad keys 0-9
  – logging and tall time updates to track down TransmitClientEvent failures.

19-9-2020 An update has been released, with build date 19/09/2020. This contains the following changes:
    – additional AI simvars re-enabled and used to populate AI tables: IS USER SIM, TRANSPONDER CODE:1, AI Traffic State, AI Traffic Assigned Runway, AI TRAFFIC ASSIGNED PARKING
    – removed subscribtion to non-existing events TextEventCreated and TextEventDestroyed
    – Added COM SPACING MODE to offset 0B47 and 0B48
    – Fixed TransmitClientEvent failures and resulting crash of FSUIPC7
    – Additional key events (a.k.a. assignable controls) added: KEY_HEADING_SLOT_INDEX_SET, KEY_SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET, KEY_ALTITUDE_SLOT_INDEX_SET, KEY_VS_SLOT_INDEX_SET
    – logging updates: all exceptions now logged without the need to activate ‘Extras’ logging

You need to download the latest version of FSUIPC7 from here.

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