VFR-Controlled Phraseology

V F R__C o n t r o l l e d__D e p a r t u r e                                                                                                                                             
Ground [freq:___,__]
P:   [named airfield]-Ground, [callsign][airplane model] at (parking )[___], information [_], request VFR to [_____].
ATC: [callsign] cleared VFR to [_____], information[__] correct, RWY [___] in use, QNH[____], squawk[____]
P:   cleared to [_____], RWY [___] in use, QNH[____], squawk[____], [callsign]
P:   [callsign] at (parking) [___], request taxi (to RWY[___])
ATC: [callsign] cleared for taxi to holding (RWY)[___]) (via [_____])
P:   cleared for taxi to holding (RWY[___]) (via [_____]), [callsign]
P:   [callsign] at holding [___], [request departure]
ATC: [callsign] contact Tower [___,__]
P:   switching Tower [___,__], [callsign]
Tower: [freq:___,__]
P:   [named airfield]-Tower, [callsign][airplane model] at holding [___], (ready for departure), [callsign]
ATC: [callsign] (hold short)-(cleared for)-(line-up[and wait])-(backtrack RWY[___])
P:   (hold short)-(cleared for)-(line-up[and wait])-(backtrack RWY[___]), [callsign]
P:   [callsign] ready for departure
ATC: [callsign] cleared for take off RWY[__], wind[___@__]kts, (left hand)-(right hand) circuit, departure [_____], climb [_____]ft, report overhead [_____]
P:   cleared for take off RWY[__], wind[___@__]kts,(left hand)-(right hand) circuit, departure [_____], climb [_____]ft, report overhead[_____], [callsign]
P:   [callsign][airplane model] departure, overhead [____]
ATC: [callsign](turn) (left)-(right) heading [___],(alt)[_____](ft)
P:   (left)(right) heading [___]. (alt)[_____](ft), [callsign]
CTR: [freq:___,__]
P:   [named airfield][service][callsign][airplane model] leaving your airspace/CTR over [_____], heading[___]
ATC: [callsign] switch to (UNICOM)-(frequency)[___,__] Good Bye.
P:   switch to (UNICOM)-(frequency)[___,__] Good Bye, [callsign]
EN ROUTE (VFR Controlled CTR Crossing)
P:   [named airfield][service](Radar)-(CTR), [callsign]
ATC: [callsign], (standby)-(send your message)
P:   [callsign][airplane model], VFR from [____] to [____] overhead [_____], [____]ft, request crossing your airspace from [_____] to [_____]
ATC: [callsign] cleared to cross airspace from [_____] to [_____], (overhead the field maintain ([____] ft)-(FL[___]), QNH [____]
P:   Crossing airspace, ([____]ft)(FL[___]), QNH [____], [callsign]
P:   [named airfield][service(Radar)-(CTR)], [callsign] is leaving your airspace/CTR over [_____], heading[___]
ATC: [callsign] switch to (UNICOM)-(frequency)[___,__] Good Bye.
P:   switch to (UNICOM)-(frequency)[___,__] Good Bye,
APPROACH (VFR Controlled Arrival)
Approach/Tower [freq:___,__]
P:   [named airfield][service(Approach)(Tower)][callsign] over __________for landing)
ATC: [callsign], [named airfield][service(Approach)(Tower)], send your message
P:   [callsign][airplane model], VFR, from [_____] to [_____], over [_____],[_____] ft, estimating [___] /at [__]
ATC: [callsign], QNH [____], information [__]
P:   QNH [____], information[__], [callsign]
APPROACH (VFR Controlled Arrival)
Approach [freq:___,__]
P:   [named airfield][Approach][callsign]
ATC: [callsign], [named airfield][Approach], send your message
P:   [named airfield]Approach, [callsign][airplane model],  overhead[_____],[_____]ft, VFR, with information [__], request (landing)-(T&G)
ATC: [callsign] arrival RWY[___]
P:   arrival RWY[___], [callsign]
ATC: [callsign] descend (to) [_____], QNH [____], report (overhead) [_____]
P:   descend (to) [_____], QNH [____], report (overhead) [_____], [callsign]
P:   [named airfield]Approach, (overhead) [_____], [callsign]
ATC: [callsign], contact Tower (on) [freq:___,__]
P:   contact Tower (on) [freq:___,__], [callsign]
Tower [freq:___,__]
P:   [named airfield][Tower], [callsign][airplane model], (report)overhead [_____]
ATC: [callsign], join (LH)-(RH) circuit -(downwind)-(straight-in) RWY[___]
P:   join (LH)-(RH) circuit -(downwind)-(straight-in) RWY[___], [callsign]
P:   [named airfield][Tower], [callsign], downwind (RWY)[___]
ATC: [callsign], (cleared to land)-(T&G) RWY[___], wind [___]@[___](kts)
P:   cleared to land RWY [__], [callsign]
P:   [named airfield][Tower],  [callsign], on final (RWY)[___]
ATC: [callsign], you’re number[__], [report (RWY) vacated]
P:   number [__], [callsign]
P:   [named airfield][Tower](RWY)[__] vacated, [callsign]
ATC: [callsign], contact Ground on [freq:___,__]
P:   contact Ground on [freq:___,__], [callsign]
Ground [freq:___,__]
P:   [named airfield][Ground][callsign][airplane model] RWY[___]vacated
ATC: [callsign], taxi via (the) [________] to parking [_____]
P:   taxi via (the) [________]to parking [_____], [callsign]
P:   [named airfield][Ground], on the blocks, [callsign]
ATC: [callsign], switch off /shut down approved.
P:   switch off approved, Thank you for your guidance. [callsign]