PMDG Operations Center Update

NOTAM FOR ALL WINDOWS 7 32bit (and WinXP, etc?) users:

  • Do not install this update. If you do, it will disable the PMDG Operations Center 1.0.
  • You cannot use the PMDG Operations Center 2.0 because it is a 64bit program.
  • Effective 01MAR20, we will be turning off online support for PMDG Operations Center 1.0 so we recommend you take the time to upgrade your windows platform to windows 10. (64bit operating systems have been the norm for a decade… we just can’t support 32bit windows any longer!)
  • This notam is related ONLY TO WINDOWS. It doesn’t matter which sim you have, you have to be on a 64bit windows platform.
  • If you didn’t read this notam and/or tried the update anyway- please reach out to tech support for help getting OC1 running before the 01MAR cutoff mentioned above.
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