IVAP v2 – Multi PC

On this page we show you how you can use IvAp v2 on a second PC or laptop. To make this configuration work properly, these are the principles:
[1] The flight-pc is called MASTER and runs a Windows 10 operating system with Prepar3D V4+.
[2] The MASTER has a standard IvAp V2 installation as described on this page and configured in IvAp as Single PC.
[3] The 2nd PC or laptop is called SLAVE and runs Windows 10 as well.
[4] On both MASTER and SLAVE your account settings must be the Administrator and the Sign in option is via your Microsoft account. For security reasons you should not use a Local account.

(Check: Windows key-Settings-Your info: below the picture NAME-email-address-Administrator)
[5] Both MASTER and SLAVE are connected to the same local area network (LAN) 192.168.x.y.
as well as in the same subnet

Creating Shared Folders
To achieve communication between MASTER and SLAVE we must “share” folders on the MASTER.
[1] The installation folder of Prepar3D and
[2] The IvAp v2 installation folder
This is the procedure how it works:

Share the MASTER installation folders of Prepar3D and IvAp v2.
The procedure for both are identical.
[a] Right mouse clicks on the folder containing the installation of P3D (or IvAp)
[b] In the context menu select Give access to and there Specific people.
[c] From the Network access screen, select Everyone in the dropdown menu, press Add, select the Permission level to Read/Write and press the Share button to finish this action.
[d] You get a screen with the results and remember the Individual items Name and path. (Right mouse click and copy the link into a text file). You will recognize and need this link later on the SLAVE.
[e] Now go to the SLAVE, right mouse clicks Select a network location. You get the Add Network Location Wizard. Press Next.
[f] Choose a custom network location; Press Next.
[g] Now press Browse and wait for the Network overview to show up.
[h] Open your MASTER (with your pc name), select the folder to share and press OK.
[i] Next-Next-Finish-DONE!
[j] Repeat this sequence for sharing the IvAp installation folder.

On the SLAVE
[l] Go with right mouse clicks This PC,
[m] Select Map network drive,
[n] Type the network path you created in step [d];
[o] Check Connect using different credentials and after
[p] Pressing Finish you will be asked to fill the Microsoft credentials (username and password) belonging to the MASTER.
[q] Remember my credentials will save these on the SLAVE for the future. No luck? Press here.

Note: Working on the SLAVE, you could be asked for your Microsoft account credentials as used on your MASTER, in order to verify access to the network location. No MASTER Microsoft Account (MSA)? You get stuck here. See point 4 above.

In this step we will install IvAp V2 on the SLAVE. Assuming that you have the installation executable in the standard download location on the SLAVE (C:\Downloads), right mouse clicks  ivap-v2.0.2-b2773.exe and run as Administrator… Welcome … press Next.

Accept and press Next.

In this step select Multi PC, Slave.
Don’t change the IP address and remember that the port number 6811 is not correct.
We will deal with those 2 fields later. Press Next.

There you have it! The application is looking for the IP address of the MASTER. Press OK

What is the MASTER’s local IP address?
On the MASTER select Start, type CMD and press Enter.
You will get a Command Prompt DOS box.
In this box type IPCONFIG and press Enter.

Read the local IPv4 Address beginning with 192.168.x.y and type your own in the field Flight Simulator PC’s IP Address
Change the SimConnect Master Port as 6810 then press Next.

On this screen press the browse button [ … ] and find the installation folder of your Prepar3D v4 installation.
It will look to the fse.exe that you previously created in that folder.

Since you created earlier the Shared network connection you will find here the installation path of your P3D installation.

Yeah, yeah … we know… press OK

Read this information and do as required after the installation of IvAp is completed.
Press Next.

Don’t change and press Next.

Don’t change and press Next.

Don’t change and press Next.

Last check. OK?

Press Install

Let it go …

Let it go …

You know the song ?



Press Finish

Press Next

Press Finish

Did you mange to create the shared folders and network connections?
You should see this on your SLAVE.

Last check before you start ..
Open the file SimConnect.cfg on the SLAVE in the IvAp installation folder.
Check the IP address of your MASTER flightsim-pc
Check the port number for communication.

On the SLAVE open the file as administrator ivap_config.exe
Select the line Multi PC
Check the box Sow User Interface always on top.
Check as in the picture.

Now go to SLAVE and copy the file mtl.dat from your MASTER network location IvAp\data into your local installation folder of IvAp\data

On the MASTER, open this file ivap_config.exe as administrator.
Select the line Multi PC
Check as in the picture.
Ready to go!
1st start Prepar3D and wait for the menu bar to show Add-ons.
Now start IvAp as External and as Administrator.
IvAp will appear in Add-ons. Don’t touch … !

Last step:
Start IvAp on the SLAVE as External and as Administrator.
If you dont see this IvAp INIT menu, press Show/Hide on the MASTER.

At the end of the day … you want to have TeamSpeak2 active.
You must log in as registered IVAO user and IVAN password.
Press Connect and DONE!

FAQ and Known Issues
When using IvAp as Multi PC Configuration, the IP addresses of MASTER and SLAVE must be in the same subnet.
So, no other routers in between!