2019-22 VFR Flight Norway-07

NOR07-VFR Rossvoll (ENRA) to Bardufoss AB (ENDU)

Download flightplan and description  from here

We are flying these VFR flights with the P3D45 default AC11 Commander 114 from Carenado

Flight Planning
From the Prepar3D® Scenario opening screen select Flight Planner and Load the file (using Browse) from your location:
NOR07-VFR Rossvoll (ENRA) to Bardufoss AB (ENDU).pln Confirm to move your aircraft to the departure airport listed on the Flightplan, then Say OK


The 7th FSE-Norway flight begins at Rossvoll (ENRA), Norway. The distance is ~ 225 nm and the flying time is 2 hours and 15 minutes. We will fly at save altitude of 6000 feet. After takeoff and at TOC the route is North. We will land at each airport we pass on this route: ENRG-ENEN-ENEV and the last one ENDO
You are parked at the Fuel stand.  Set Current time to 12:00 UTC. Season is: Summer Weather: ORBX Weather type 1.  Stormy conditions and nice mist. Activate Active Sky. Observe the direction of the wind and select the appropriate Runway for takeoff.

Airport Rognan (ENRG) -as well as the others- is the place where the sun never sets…
An airport in Rognan was first considered by the Royal Air Force during the Norwegian Campaign in May 1940, although the plans were never carried through. Instead, construction was carried out by Luftwaffe. Preliminary work started in late 1941 and the airport was completed the following year. It received a runway measuring 1,200 by 60 meters (3,940 by 200 ft), with a combined wooden and concrete surface. The Luftwaffe used the airport little, and it was mostly retained as a reserve airport for Bodø Air Station. For a period a squadron of Junkers Ju 52 transporters were stationed at Rognan.[2]

After the war the airport was taken over by the municipality and has been used for general aviation. A contributing factor has been the high load on Bodø Airport, which has caused restrictions on use by recreational aircraft. Especially sailplane activities were allocated to Rognan. Saltdal Flyklubb was established as a local aviation club in 1993. It took over the responsibility for operating the airport, although it remained owned by the municipality.


Navigation is visual with the aid of GPS295 or LNM. The autopilot is in use. All legs save altitude is 6,000 ft.
For this flight we will first change Fuel (in Fuel & Payload) into a calculated % (both tanks). We have a co-pilot and 2 passengers on board and 100-pound baggage.  The Fuel calc sheet is available in our OneDrive.
Get in the plane, start the engine. Set your navigation to 117.35 Mhz VOR-DME Evenes (EVD)