FSE Update 2019-14 VFR Flight Norway-02

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VFR Flight Norway-02

This week we continue the flight series Norway with NORWAY02-VFR Stafsberg (ENHA) to Ringebu (ENRI)
You can download the PLN-files from our stack HERE

We are flying these VFR flights with the P3D45 default AC11 Commander 114 from Carenado

The central point of orientation is VOR MES 114.40

AC 11 Commander 114 – Default airplane Prepar3D 4.5
Maximum Speed:187 kts -215 mph-346 kmh | Cruise Speed:150 kts-173 mph-278 kmh
Engine: Lycoming IO-540-T4A5D with 260 hp | Propeller: Hartzell, two-blade, 77″ diameter
Maximum Range: 730 nm-840 sm-1,322 km | Service Ceiling: 16,500 ft-5,029 m
Fuel Capacity: 70 U.S. gal-265 L | Empty Weight: 1,885 lb-855 kg | Maximum Gross Weight: 3,140 lb-1,424kg
Useful Load: 255 lb-569 kg | Length: 25.04 ft-7.63 m | Wingspan:32.76 ft-9.98 m | Height: 8.42 ft- 2.57 m

NORWAY02-VFR Stafsberg (ENHA) to Ringebu (ENRI).pln in P3D45

NORWAY02-VFR Stafsberg (ENHA) to Ringebu (ENRI).pln in Little NavMap

In Little Navmap you have the possibility to append flight plans. For those who want to fly NORWAY01 and NORWAY02, just Open Flight Plan in the menu of LNM and then choose File | Append Flight Plan; save the plan as e.g. NORWAY0102.pln and you are all set.

Calculating fuel and payload

This week quiz…. how many fuel do yo need in the tanks to reach the destination airport. Conditions: all 4 seats are taken and at departure we have 4 pieces of bagage each 50 pounds to pick up and to deliver at the destination airport. You may want to give your reaction at the top of this page -Plaats een reactie. Happy landings!

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