How to connect to JoinFS

Some simple rules for succesful connection to JoinFS.
(1) Run JoinFS as Administrator
(2) After launch… disconnect from any network (both buttons Network & Simulator should be red)
(3) Select from the menu (View-Beeld)
(4) Select Servers-Hubs
(5) Select in the server popup the server of your choise
(6) Go down on the list and select Connect-Verbind
(7) When the sim is running, connect to Simulator = green.

If you connection fails or get disconnected, check the following:
(8) Did you launch the app as administrator?
How do you know?
(9) Did you allow the Firewall in Windows to accept the app?
How do you know?
(10) Did you forward port 6112 (or your other chosen portnumber) in your router on UDP-only?
How do you know?
(11) Does your preferent connection uses the same version as you?
How do you know?
(12) Did you enable Auto join at launch? Uncheck the box and restart the app.