Around the World in 50 days..

20 years ago … Flight Simulator 5.1 … did you remember? Today a revival of historical flights in a new jacket. We have created a number of flights with the name: “Around the World in 50 days”. The basics for successful finishing and enjoying those flights are simpel. Your flightsim-pc is equipped with Windows 10 and runs Prepar3D version 4.

Scenery: next to the basic install we used a few layers: FTX Global 2010 (or 2018) and the full ORBX FTX Global Range | GLOBAL, together with the REGIONS NA Northern California, NA Southern California and NA Pacific North West. Further all available openLanClasses, FTX Global VECTOR and of course the FTX Global Trees HD. During our journey we will add some more …

Where can I find the flights? For our regular visitors we have created special folders in our STACK that can be reached via Downloads.

Any questions or comments? Please use our Contact page.

Flights currently available in folder 03-Around the World in 50 days

Each separate flight has a P3D4 Flight plan, situation files and instructions.

01 50-01-IFR-Santa Monica (KSMO) to Sacramento (KSAC)
02 50-02-VFR-Sacramento Executive (KSAC) to Mahlon Sweet (KEUG)
03 50-03-IFR-Eugene(KEUG) to Seattle (KSEA) via Portland (KPDX)
04 50-04-Seattle-Tacoma Intl (KSEA) to Prince Rupert (CYPR)
05 50-05-Prince Rupert (CYPR) to Yakutat (PAYA)
06 50-06-Yakutat (PAYA) to Anchorage (PANC)
07 50-07-Stevens Anchorage Intl (PANC) to Cold Bay (PACD)
07 PANC TO PAEN ( 39 NM)
07 PAEN TO PAHO ( 56 NM)
07 PAHO TO PAIL (104 NM)
07 PAIL TO PAKN (104 NM)
07 PAKN TO PAPH (125 NM)
07 PAPH TO PACD (180 NM)
08 50-08-Cold Bay (PACD) to Dutch Harbor (PADU)
09 50-09-Dutch Harbor (PADU)to Eareckson AS (PASY)
10 in preparation 50-10 from PASY to Petropavlovsk … (waiting for scenery)