This is information from the PMDG KB

  • The main 2D panel is corrupted when I open it with the VC view active
    This is a limitation of how our gauges communicate between their 2D versions and VC versions.  You cannot have the main 2D panel open while also in the VC view.  If you require the main 2D view, switch to it using the A and S view cycle keys or by using the the Views menu either at the top of the screen or via the right click context menu to select the “Cockpit” view, which is the main 2D panel.  Do not use Shift+# keys to select 2D views in the NGX.
    Within the VC, we’ve provided numerous 2D popups for the DUs, the FMC CDUs, the MCP and so on – these are activated with mouse clickspots and are detailed in the Introduction manual.
  • V speeds don’t show on the PFD speed tape and VNAV won’t arm or engage
    This is most likely caused by failure to execute the performance initialization on the PERF INIT page.  The white light will be lit after you finish filling out the required fields and you must press the EXEC key for it to “take” the data.  After that, the V speeds should show and you’ll be able to arm VNAV.

  • By FS EINDHOVEN: BOUNCING aircraft (as mentioned on page 44 of the Instruction manual). Bouncing aircraft is caused by the weight of the aircraft; change the fuel and/or payload and save the panel state. It has nothing to do with the Graphic setting (Mesh resolution).

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