How to organize your flight plans.

… just a simple one …

  1. Create 2 folders
    1. IFR Flight Plans
    2. VFR Flight Plans
    3. Move all your IFR and VFR flight plans to the folders you created.
  2. Create a new flight (e.g. VFR Eindhoven …) and save.
  3. In the menu bar go to Navigation > Flight Planner > Load
  4. You will find your new created flight plan on top of the view.
  5. Scrolling down first the IFR plans are shown followed by the VFR plans.
  6. This method keeps your flight database clean and clear, showing the Last flight.* (created by FSUIPC5), a situational file LIRA* and the Previous Flight.*
  7. Move the files that you don’t need to a folder C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\zremoved