Verify Integrity of Game Cache


Strange behavior of your sim? What about verifying your Steam Game cache. What to do? Follow these steps:

  1. First of all close Flightsimulator Steam Edition (FSX-SE) or Flight School (FSc)
  2. Right mouse click your Steam icon in the system tray and select Library. This will bring you to the game overview. Then…
  3. Select the line Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. (If it shows: Running…close the game)
  4. Right mouse click the game line and select Propertiessteam_2016-11-20_11-24-08
  5. In this pop-up select tab LOCAL FILES and there VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE.steam_2016-11-20_11-24-15
  6. You get a pop-up saying: Validating Steam files – …% complete and showing the name of the game selected.verify-3
  7. When completed it will show you IF and how many files are found to be renewed.ApplicationFrameHost_2016-11-20_11-51-01.png
  8. Press CLOSE, restart the game and follow the guidelines you receive.
  9. Done