Multiplay Host or Client Session Set up

Hello Captains,
a special guide for the Steam Newbie Multiplayer. Before you proceed, think about your connection options. Decide wether you want a hosted sessions with Steam OR run a session via your WAN IP address.

If you choose Internet Steam (see step 11.) you will see your fellow Steam pilots in the briefing room when they are online.

1. When you have started FSX-SE, select MULTIPLAYER

mp012. Sign in to Steam or LAN:: If you choose to play via LAN, put a Player name in the box (Preferred as 6 characters like e.g. PH-JVA or KLM123). When done, select Network Settings

mp023. Change Network Settings::
@ Host settings: make a note of the port range 6112 – 6122 since, if you did not already, you need to port forward this port range in your router; Voice compression is not relevant, since in daily practice you have limited bandwith and that’s why we suggest to disable voice communication in Client settings.
@Other: no changes to make. Close this screen with OK and after that press SIGN IN
mp074. Choose a session to join or host a new session:: at this point you must decide wether you take part in a current session or host a session by yourself. Since you have chosen for LAN there are no sessions in the list. Press Host a Sessionchoose-a-session

5. Provide information for your session:: Select the Session Type as Free Flight. In the Session information, create a session name and a category. If you want a private session apply and confirm a Session password. In the Session availabaility select Make this a private session, when you don’t want intruders to disturb. Press NEXT.

mp036. Choose session conditions:: make up your mind for your role: either Pilot or ATC. When you choose Pilot, also select CURRENT LOCATION and do not place your aircraft on the Active runway! Fill the variables and press NEXT.

mp047. Choose host options:: Set max players to 15, Slot for friends to 0, don’t enable voice communication and before you press NEXT  click on Advanced options…

mp058. …and there check all the check boxes. Close with OK…you will be connecting and the Briefing room will open

mp069. Review your session: at this page you could change your role or aircraft for the last time. OK? Press FLY NOW …Scenery and terrain data are loading, autogenerated scenery is loading…Ready to go!

10. To sign in a private session, you need to tell your fellow pilots your local WAN IP address…otherwise they cannot find you.
To join as a client go to step 4, press Connect Directly, fill the IP address and press FIND SESSIONS.

11. Connection options Internet (Steam)
Press SIGN IN since your Steam user ID is already filled. You will see briefly Logged in with Steam and then

mp0812. …a list with available sessions AND your Friends in the Contact list. From here select to join a session OR host a new session yourself. In the column Connection the value indicates the quality of your session connection. The session with the lowest figure has the best connection and bandwith. You can sort this and other columns clicking the name of the column.

13. When you select a session, please read the Session information status and description and act accordingly.

Safe landings and if you have any questions, find us via the contact page.