FSCommander Network Scenery Configuration

There’s the network trick!
In this article we deal with 2 PC’s: [1] Server PC and [2] Client PC;
PC[1] runs FSX-SP1SP2 on OS-W7 and PC[2] runs FSC9.1 on OS-XP-SP2

When you want to run FSCommander for the first time, the first thing you have to do is to run the database manager. Since FSX is running on PC[1] and the scenery information is also there…you must tell FSCommander (on PC[2]) where to find the scenery information.


Step 1: go to the Client-PC (where you installed FSCommander) and copy the file FSCFSXCFG.exe Then paste this file into the root of FSX (on the Server-PC).
The root of  FSX is standard: C:/FSX or D:/FSX
After copying this file,  run this file and you get this picture:

Click OK and then the message appears: The file scenery.cfg was successfully copied into your FSX folder where the database manager can read it.
OK, so far so good.  Press Exit and check in the root of FSX, if a new file scenerycfg.fsc exists. OK ? Well done. Now, in order to be able to read this file as from the Client-PC, you need a network connection between the 2 PC’s.

Step 2: First you need to “share” the FSX-folder with the network; Therefore go to the Server PC with Windows Explorer to C:FSX.
::Right click this folder path>> Share with >> Advanced sharing;
::On this page, again press Advanced sharing button and on the next page, check the box: Share this folder
::A share name appears: FSX; Apply, OK; Close; Done! (You may want to give it another name…)

Step 3: Now go to your Client PC’s desktop:
:: Right click My Computer:
:: Make Network connection: e.g. Station Z: (or whatever)
::Browse and find the shared folder you just made on the Server-PC.
::If all the setting were OK, than you will see the root of FSX on your Client-PC; OK

Step 4: Checking network connections
If there is no connection…
:: reminder >> if you used a password on the W7 Server PC…if you did:
:: when you’re making a network connection on the Client-PC to a W7 machine using a log on password, you must use this password to establish a connection once; check the box to get connected next time automatically;
:: if you get connected now, you must type your password once again; done!

Step 5: start the database manager first on the Client PC: FSCDbManager.exefschost12.jpg

In ‘Airports Updates’ you will see:
Select Flight Simulator Path here! and Select Scenery Library Path here!
:: Now select the paths in both areas; the screen will tell you if you do this right! You must tell the machine where to find the root of FSX and the new born file scenerycfg.fsc ! And that was on the server PC  seen from the client e.g. drive X:
:: After selecting the correct paths, you now can update the database contents… it takes a while to complete, so be patient.

Step 6: Check, check, check…double check! 
Another check could be in the folder ..FSC90DatabaseFS10
. There you find the contents of the database AND the updates (.fsc /.old)

WARNING: the database contents is read from the file scenerycfg.fsc as explained in Step 1. This file is NOT equal to scenery.cfg as in the root of FSX!

Remind that whenever you change or add sceneries in FSX, you MUST run the database in order to be up to date, and you may want to check these .fsc files out on changed file sizes.

That’s all there is! Still questions? Go to Contact and send me a message!