FSCommander and Google Earth


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How to connect Google Earth with FSCommander?

It’s a simple…

  1. Open FSC9.x
  2. Create a simple flight plan; press New
  3. Type 2 airports in the menu e.g. EHEH and EHAM; give an OK
  4. Save this plan as [name]
  5. Check the box Google Earth
  6. Save…then you get the message
  7. Do you want….bla bla… give a Yes
  8. Google Earth opens with the track: EHEH – EHAM (assuming that you did already install Google Earth)
  9. In FSC9.x – GPS menu check Connect and again
  10. In FSC9.x – GPS menu check Show position in GE
  11. In FSX or P3D go to World Airport EHEH and park the aircraft
  12. In Google Earth you now will see your position with 3 blue rings