Hello Captain,

you may want to test your connection with a running TeamSpeak2-Server.tsserver12.jpg

In your local TS2 folder: TeamSpeak2 version is subject to possible infringement on the Internet. To avoid this it is recommended that you replace the. Exe file. What to do?VIRTUALFSX-SERVER-2.jpg

  1. Go into the installation folder of TeamSpeak2_RC, this is mostly C: Program Files (x86)/Teamspeak2_RC2/ or your chosen installation path
  2. Rename TeamSpeak.exe with the old version as TeamSpeak.exe
  3. Place the new updated executable (version 33.7) . Exe in the folder C: Program Files (x86)/Teamspeak2_RC2/
  4. The new file TeamSpeak.exe (version 33.7) is on our OneDrive;  this update is a new .exe file and is NOT an installer.

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