Rudder Pedals Effectiveness

  1. Connect Saitek Rudder Pedals to USB
  2. Start FSX-SE in default flight @ KLFI with a stock aircraft
  3. Check if you don’t have any assignments for this aircraft in FSUIPC4; if so, clear them.
  4. Open Options-Setting-Controls and select in Controller Type: Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedalsrudderpedals01
  5. This is what you get: [Sensitivity 127;127;64-Null Zone 1;1;36].
    rudderpedals02 If you have other values, press Reset Defaults.
  6. First to calibrate the hardware:
    press Calibrate and select in the popup Game Controllers the Properties of your Pedals. if you don’t touch the merchandise…this is what you see:
  7. When moving the left toe, the plus sign moves from the upper left corner to the upper right corner; the right toe moves from upper left towards lower left corner.
    Move the rudder, full left and right.
  8. rudderpedals03Now to calibrate press the button Calibrate in the Settings tab and press Next in the Game Device Calibration popup screen.
  9. Next again, because there is no button to push…
  10. Press your left toe and the right toe in full and press Next – Next.
  11. Move the rudder from the center towards fully left and right;
    press Next and Finish.
  12. You get back to the Test tab; press Apply and OK + OK.
  13. Y’re back at the  Settings-Controls page and select the Axis tab where you check the reverse checkboxes from both toe brakes.
  14. When you have a joystick attached, delete the rudder assignment (by preference).
  15. SAVE the flight ! Otherwise the next time it restores the default values. You may want to export (and later import) the settings via the Axes tab > Export Controls.
  16. Now do the test ride. This is about the rudder effectiveness.
  17. Load the flight. ..Slowly move your aircraft taxiing on the runway an “feel” how it reacts. Takeoff.
  18. Since the effectiveness is directly linked to the aircraf, you wil find the statements in the section [flight_tuning] from the aircraft involved.
  19. Rudder Pedals need best to be optimized for each type of aircraft where you can store the setings in a aircraft specific xml file.
  20. Sample aircraft used: ../SimObjects/Airplanes/Carenado A36 BONANZA /
  21. Aircraft.cfg like:
cruise_lift_scalar =1.0
pitch_stability =1.0 
roll_stability =1.0
yaw_stability =1.0
parasite_drag_scalar =1.0
induced_drag_scalar =1.0
elevator_effectiveness =1.0
aileron_effectiveness =1.0
rudder_effectiveness =1.0
elevator_trim_effectiveness =1.0
aileron_trim_effectiveness =1.0 
rudder_trim_effectiveness =1.0 
hi_alpha_on_yaw = 1.0 
p_factor_on_yaw = 0.5 
torque_on_roll = 0.5 
gyro_precession_on_yaw = 0.5 
gyro_precession_on_pitch = 0.5 
gyro_precession_on_roll = 0.5

!! Before you make any changes to this aircraft.cfg, 
make a copy before you go and register the changes !!